Lids & Accessories

  1. Shake and Go Tumbler Straws

    Shake & Go™ Tumbler Straws


    Misplace the straw, lose the straw or just looking for an extra? We are now offering a 4 pack of replacement straws for our Shake & G

  2. Cleaning Brushes

    Cleaning Brushes - Set of 3


    This Brush Set makes cleaning travel mugs, water bottles, and kids bottles even easier.

  3. Straws Front

    AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle Straws 4-Pack


    Replacement straws for AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles.

  4. Gray AUTOSPOUT Lid

    AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle Lid


    This lid fits all AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles, except kids bottles.

  5. BlackGray

    AUTOSEAL® Water Bottle Lid


    This lid fits nearly all AUTOSEAL Water Bottles in the following capacities: 18 oz., 24 oz., 25 oz., 28 oz., and 32 oz.

  6. Grace

    AUTOSEAL® Grace Lid


    The AUTOSEAL Grace Lid first both the 24 and 32 oz. Grace water bottles.