Lids & Accessories

  1. Straws

    Shake & Go Tumbler Straws


    Misplace the straw, lose the straw or just looking for an extra? We are now offering a 4 pack of replacement straws for our Shake & G

  2. brush

    Cleaning Brushes - Set of 3


    This Brush Set makes cleaning travel mugs, water bottles, and kids bottles even easier.

  3. Straws Front

    AUTOSPOUT Water Bottle Straws 4-Pack


    Replacement straws for AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles.

  4. Gray

    AUTOSPOUT Water Bottle Lid


    This lid fits all AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles, except kids bottles.

  5. BlackGray

    AUTOSEAL Water Bottle Lid


    This lid fits nearly all AUTOSEAL Water Bottles in the following capacities: 18 oz., 24 oz., 25 oz., 28 oz., and 32 oz.

  6. Grace

    AUTOSEAL Grace Lid


    The AUTOSEAL Grace Lid first both the 24 and 32 oz. Grace water bottles.