AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle Lid
Item #: CPLIH220A02

This lid fits all AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles, except kids bottles.

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This lid fits all AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles except kids bottles and comes with 2 reusable plastic straws that can be attached to the lid.

  • This water bottle lid features our patent pending AUTOSPOUT technology, which has a pop up spout for easy one handed drinking. 
  • The lid also has a spout cover to protect from dirt and germs. 
  • Please note that straws may need to be trimmed to fit the height of your water bottle. (Straws can easily be cut with scissors.)
  • At this time, this lid is only available in charcoal. 

Review Summary

18 Reviews

    By Jessie

    So this lid has gotten a lot of slack and admittedly it is not perfect. BUT it is my preferred lid out of all so far even the newer ones that they are selling at Costco. It does have a tendency to leak over time but my household in particular is not easy on these water bottles or lids. These are easy my children to drink out of and to close and I feel like we all drink more water with this particular lid. It may need a little more tweaking to make it a little less leak prone but given it's strength and ability to fold itself (the plastic) I would say it is pretty darn good. Please keep making these and coming up with similar type designs!

    By Jan

    I've used two of this style bottles for a full year now; hydrating almost exclusively with them, so I'm using them a lot. I've finally had to give up on one lid. It's gotten the dread split within the workings of the lid and is no longer serviceable. I wish it hadn't happened, but things do wear out. So far, the other lid is going strong. It must be the one I left at my mechanic's shop for several months so it has less wear on it. I choke on fluid fairly frequently, and being able to use the straw and drink in a head-down or level position is very important to me. I've looked for this wonderful bottle on the site, where I originally purchased mine, and they only had gray. I was happy to find aqua here on the Contigo site, but will use whatever if it comes to that. I just hope they don't discontinue it. The bottle is fantastic. I once put as much ice as I could into it and then filled with chilled water. I put it in my car at 7AM and left it there all day (drinking from it several times) on one of the very hottest days of the year. When I brought it in from the car at 9PM, there was still some ice in it. Love it! I'll use it for a year and get a replacement lid; no problem.

    By Tara

    My daughter and I purchased these water bottles for daily use. My daughter's bottle now just sucks air. The seal between the lid and the straw is not working and there is no visible tear and i would have to pay $10 for a new lid including shipping. Plus all these reviews say the same thing so I am not replacing this and I am not purchasing these products again. Lifetime warranty is just not true.

    By JMP

    The stainless steel bottle is my absolute favorite water bottle I have ever purchased - it keeps water cold for HOURS and have dropped it SEVERAL of times and it only scratches... the lid started out perfect and would occasionally have to tweak the straw so I didn't get a loss in suction, but now no matter which angle or how hard I push the straw in all I get is bubbles now! :( I hope an improved version of this lid comes out because I love pushing the button with my thumb, not having to tilt my head back to drink and closing it - all with one hand!

    By Ed

    After three weeks' daily use, we're still happy with these Autospout Sheffield bottles.

    We use them solely for water. The 20-oz capacity is perfect for transferring a full standard 16.9-oz water bottle (i.e. Crystal Geyser), plus a few ice cubes.

    While the water temperature doesn't stay ice cold for 20 hours, after 12 hours, the water is still cool. We've had them in our cars in the afternoon sun, and the water remained cool.

    We especially like the convenience and ease of Autospout's single thumb operation.

    The two-finger design of the fixed handle has proven quite handy for easy handling, or carrying with a caribiner hooked onto a loop for easy access.

    The 3-inch base of the bottle might not fit all vehicle cupholders.

    Very satisfied so far!

    By bottle user

    Though I love the bottle as well as design I have lost the suction from my bottle I am only able to drink bubbles. At least that's what it feels like I'm doing. And I feel like physical stores should sell the replacement lids and things.

    By LadyK

    The rubber piece that is supposed to fit on the straw was completely severed. The spout wouldn't even pop up. I agree with other reviews that a new design is warranted. The stainless bottle is nice, unfortunately the lid makes it un-usable. Disappointing.

    By Lewis

    I get bubbles and loss of suction, I love the bottles but I've spent more money buying new parts, than I would have if I just bought a Camlebak. Also when I tried to figure out the "Lifetime Guaranteed" it was way more work then what it was worth. I'm very disappointed.

    By Sylvia

    I've used an insulated stainless steel bottle with this lid for almost three years. The bendy part of the spout finally wore out. I love this bottle and hope to be able to acquire a replacement lid. The design is brilliant - a person can keep the spout clean with the hood, and be able to open it without touching the spout with dirty hands. It's also a great design to use while driving as it doesn't require the user to tip his/her head back to take a drink. For people whose bottles develop problems with the seal, try pushing the straw into the seal harder. It needs to be installed really firmly.

    By Omar

    I bought two Contigo SS thermos bottles last summer with the Autospout lid. After around 100 times of using them, both broke (sucking air) at the point where the mouth piece bends when closed. Checking in Contigo's website for replacement, they are not available. The SS bottles do a fairly good job of maintaining temperature. Contigo needs to replace these lids with different design or better materials.

    By Charles

    1st bottles I purchased did not have rubber seals in them. New ones I bought had them and seals much better. (I have the push buttonflip top with cover) Where can I get rubber seals for my other bottles?

    By KIssire

    I fly frequently, and due to the pressure changes in-flight, you will get a shower whenever you open it! Plus, after only about 10 uses, the seal doesn't hold around the straw, so I get bubbles and loss of suction. Good bottle, but the lid could be better designed...

    By JEP

    This is my second replacement within a year. This time I don't know where the break is, but I am getting more air than water. I love the bottle in that it keeps liquid cold for over 12 hours.

    By bottle user

    We have four of these. They work great if kept upright. I have two that if laid on their sides they will leak, so if in backpack, put in seat next to you, laid down in grass, they leak. I just noticed today that one of them has an O-ring in the lid. The two leakers are missing the O-ring and I don't see that here as a replacement part. bummer.

    By Renee

    My bottle was leakproof for a while and then one day it spilled all over paper work and a very nice bag and I'm quite perturbed! Then the little orings (one black one white) falls into the water. They don't tell you which one goes in first or how to properly insert them inside of the bottle lid.

    I have emailed and left message so please contact me so this problem and be resolved! I use the Autosprout Addison Bottle (32 oz) all day long and I was an official salesmen for the company as so many people would stop and ask me about the water bottle.

    By Amy

    I have one of these, started leaking from the spout, and now when I try to drink from it I just get bubbles.

    I would like to return it but no longer have my receipt.

    Apart from that, I'm happy with the bottle.
    I also have a contigo westloop that I'm very happy with.

    By reddtekk

    I bought two of these, one for me and one for my wife. Mine started leaking within a couple months and hers started leaking once I used it for a couple more months. I bought a new lid for mine and that too started leaking shortly thereafter. It's a nice water bottle and a convenient design, if it would only last for more than a couple months.

    By Lb

    I have two of these and for a the first month or so they worked great. However, one of them started leaking from the lid. The black rubber part that created the seal kept getting twisted or coming off. Then my second one started to leak whenever I drank and closed it water would leak from the button you push to release the drinking part. Overall, the idea is great but there most definitely neeeds some tweeking.

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