AUTOSEAL® Water Bottle Lid
Item #: CPLIC130A01

This lid fits nearly all AUTOSEAL Water Bottles in the following capacities: 18 oz., 24 oz., 25 oz., 28 oz., and 32 oz.

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This lid fits nearly all AUTOSEAL Water Bottles in the following capacities: 18 oz., 24 oz., 25 oz. and 32 oz.

  • This water bottle lid features our spill-proof AUTOSEAL technology. Simply press the button to drink, release to seal and it automatically seals between sips. 
  • Please note, this lid does NOT fit the AUTOSEAL Kangaroo or Swish Water Bottles.


Review Summary

8 Reviews

    By plum1000

    Drink with bottle upright... great for driving, or backpacking without removal from holder. However, low rating because the tube in cap tends to split... happened on "several" water bottles. Lids, with shipping, are about $10 a piece... can buy a new water bottle for the price. The overhead is too high a price for these water bottles.

    By 323 running it

    Yeah if you put it in a bag there a chance other stuff in there will get wet. Oh well. Im addicted to these bottles the amount of water that comes out is unmatched by others I have tried. Ive been using these for 5 years prob and replaced numerous tops from droping them mostly. They do get kinda gross if you dont clean them regularly. I want to order more tops for my 5 bottles please make them available for a 5 star rating.

    By Soccer Mom

    I have a total of 5 water bottles for my daughter soccer activities, I bought Contigo because they guarantee no leakage every single lead has ultimately leaked some sooner than the others, bought replacement leads with the same issue. I don't think I will buy Contigo again.

    By revlinda

    love the autoseal lids. just wish it was a little easier to get inside and clean all the nooks and crannies. The brush set helps but still not quite sure if I get the entire area. So sorry that you don't have the larger 24-32 oz stainless steel bottles any more. PLEASE bring the drake and others back. The great thing about this lid is that it can fit all of those.

    By Binker Baby

    Upon begining to use these maybe 5 years ago I loved the fact they infact did not leak. That lasted for a while and then one by one all of the lids began to leak. I just bought 2 replacement lids and one of them never did seal. I now need 5 lids and I am very disappointed at their 100% lifetime garentee.

    By Shleya

    My lids were great!!! I've put the poor things through so much abuse... Dropping them.... Stuffing them in gym bags... Back packs... Purses. Today... After months (maybe even a year) of this kind of treatment I dropped my bottle off of the top of my car and my lid shattered. Just the lid. So you can bet Ill be ordering another. Would recommend to anyone.

    By reliable source

    I'm a huge Contigo fan. My kids and husband love them, too. Thanks for making such great products!!!

    By JF

    They aren't as good as the original lids. They don't screw on as much so if you drop your bottle the lids pops off. Not cool.

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