24 oz. Jackson Water Bottle
Item #: CPJKF100A01

The Jackson water bottle features a unique flip top for simple one-handed drinking at the push of a button.

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The Jackson water bottle features a unique flip top for simple one-handed drinking at the push of a button. The convenient carrying loop is great for on-the-go hydration, and the sleek body fits most car cup holders. This leak proof water bottle is also great for the gym where high-volume hydration is a necessity. 


  • Wide opening ideal for ice cubes
  • Split-body design for ease of cleaning
  • Leak proof; lid prevents spills and leaks between uses and on-the-go
  • Convenient carrying loop
  • One-handed drinking
  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

Volume: 24 oz.

Dimensions: 2.5" Wide x 9.5" Tall 

Additional Information

Volume 24 oz.
Price $9.99
Width 2.5"
Height 9.5"
Body Material 100% BPA-Free Plastic
Insulation, Heat No
Insulation, Cold No
Carrying Clip No
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

34 Reviews

    By w01f8an8

    Bought this recently at Target, although with some reticence after reading other reviews. I've learned, however, to take most negative reviews with a grain of salt. Here's my evaluation. I've used my Contigo Jackson bottle extensively. It doesn't leak unless I get excess water in the lid or open button when filling it, and then it will leak the few drops that result. Also, my bottle has a double catch for closing the lid. My bottle doesn't leak when on its side if it's properly closed.

    By Betsy

    This is a great product! I love the 24 oz. size and it's narrow enough to fit in my older car's cup holders. It does sweat a bit, but is easy to fill and clean which makes it totally worth it.
    Best of all, it's leakproof!!

    By Sarah

    These bottles are crap. They are nowhere near leak proof. A disposable water bottle without a lid is almost as effective. I purchase a 3 pack of these and they worked great for a few uses. 2 of them are now leaking, although "leaking" does not exactly describe the large amount of liquid pouring out the top of the closed lid. I am extremely disappointed with these bottles. One star is too high of a rating in my opinion. Contigo's customer service, however, is wonderful.

    By Arizonian

    Pro - Love the way these look and the way the lid will pop open for a quick sip or long drink.
    Con --They leak if they are put on their side. Very disappointed..

    By Helen

    I like the fact that the top part of the cap covers where you put your mouth to drink, so for sure you won't suck the dust in. But since it doesn't have the lock option, you have to be careful not to put it in your backpack, bag, or purse.

    By EM

    In the beginning I thought this water bottle was perfect. It was a good size, easy to store and was very pretty. But when it came to actual use it was awful. Yes I am a clumsy person, so I needed a water bottle that was durable and if you want that I wouldn't recommend this one. Almost everyday I would drop it on accident and all the water would come out. I thought it was just a phase where the way I dropped it was the reason but nope. There was also a point where the bottle spilt in my bag and ruined a $200 textbook. If you want a durable waterbottle do NOT get this contigo waterbottle.

    By SeaBird

    Pros: These bottles are so cute. My kids love them.

    Cons: I bought a few of them at Target & at Costco about 2 months ago. All bottles are leaking at the caps.

    I contacted for warranty repair/replacement. Hope to hear from them soon...

    By erinm

    I love this water bottle!
    It is easy to carry, easy to use, and made of quality materials. My favorite thing is that it is easy to wash. (That was a big selling point, since I am in college and very busy.)
    It is the perfect water bottle for my daily life and stands up to being bumped around and taken to the gym.
    Definitely would recommend.

    By Bman

    I bought one of these in the Target going out of business sale in Canada. I use this bottle every minute of everyday. Its absolutely delightful to use. The carry loop is great especially if you use it to clip it to a bag eta. Over all wonderful. Only flay is if it hits the ground hard enough the locking mechanism sometimes can not withstand the impact and way accidentally pop open. Wish their was a screen or infuser as I love to throw fresh fruit and mint in wish my water and it tends to come out the opening when you drink from it.

    By pyxxidis

    This water bottle was prone to leaks, unlike what the advertisements stated. It was knocked over during the night, leaked all over my desk, and now I have to buy a new phone. The carrying loop was great, however! I really enjoyed the carrying loop. I'll look for that while I buy a new phone and water bottle (that is NOT contigo).

    By Leaks

    I got the 3 pack of 24 oz. They leak, never put them in a dishwasher, didn't lose the gaskets/washers in the lid. They just leak. Leaked all over my books, my bagel, everything soaked. Bringing them back to Costco, not their fault. Contigo-good looking plastic bottle, don't be fooled.

    By Tina

    I bought mine in Aqua from Walgreens. I usually carry around a Tervis but I love the slim design of this one and the little carry ring. I usually stand it up in my work bag so it doesn't have a chance to leak, but I've knocked it over plenty of times with my gracefulness and it hasn't leaked once. Love it!

    By Don

    Bought the three pack at Costco because it's a style my wife likes. They leak at the flip cap; but if I put the gasket in with the curved formed side facing the lid they don't leak. Is that the way it's supposed to go?

    By Dori

    Purchased 3 pack at costco less than 2 weeks ago.
    Two leak, have only used the third one time.
    Gasket falls out. I wash by hand, to avoid risk of heat damage.
    I sent a question about this and received a form letter response . Was hoping for a little more discussion, had heard contigo is a good product.
    I'm not interested in returning at my expense, I can return to costco.
    If not for leaking, this product would be perfect for what we need to use it for.

    By Jordan

    This bottle is excellent for on the go! I often have only one hand free, so the opening mechanism is incredibly convenient! When I tilt mine it does not leak. Because of the easy-open, it is not recommended for putting inside of a bag.

    By Jill

    I absolutely love this water bottle. I have used this daily for several months now, and really haven't had any issues with leakage, as other reviewers have stated. Love the wide mouth for ice dispenser, but small opening to drink from. Flip-top lid makes it very easy to open one-handed. My previous WB was a screw top; I kept misplacing the top because I would never put it back on. Highly recommended for $10!!

    By M.Jones

    Awesome product! I purchased this to motivate me to drink more water and stop spending money on bottled water. The bottle is spill/leak proof and has a very durable ring like handle. Love it.

    By Para

    I got this water bottle at Target yesterday because I needed a light and leak-proof water bottle. Loved the simple design. I own two Contigo travel mugs in excellent quality. I trusted this band. But what a huge disappointment! I washed the bottle and started using it this morning. The water leaked through the hinge on the lid when I tilted the bottle. I tried to reposition the rubber ring inside the lid, but still no help. I don't know if this was just a bad one or there was a flaw in the design. If it claims to be "leak proof," I expect that no water will come out if you put the bottle upside down. Do not recommend this bottle at all.

    By Ralph

    a) Contigo does not control the weather. The humidity level of your surroundings will not be affected by the bottle. (The bottle is not insulated, thus it will sweat).

    b) Be sure if you're using the bottle to dose your grandmother's medication (24oz) that you fill Memaw's liquid meds from the lid, not the base, thus it will properly dose 24oz, as advertised.

    c) The colors are just fine if you are secure in your masculinity. (Or you could just get other colors at Costco.)

    d) The easy open lid is EASY OPEN, so it's easy to open (go figure). You probably shouldn't put it in a backpack. Why would you set your child up for failure?

    Great bottle, not so great previous reviewers.

    By Barry

    I agree about losing the gasket in the dishwasher. And if you put the gasket back in the flip-top upside down, the bottle will leak.

    By SBennett

    Huge disappointment. I bought these for my boys because I was tired of water spills at school and in their backpack. These are NOT spill proof. If you drop one, 9 times out of 10 the lid will just POP open. I've also had massive leaks from around the hinges. Plus any bumps to the backpack just open the water bottles. Not at all ideal.

    By Tiffani

    I bought two 3 packs of these yesterday at Costco. Each pack of 3 was only $14.99, because they are $5 off this month there. I'm going back today to buy 3 more packs so that I have enough for the kids to use too. These are perfect for work, in the car, or just anywhere on the go.
    I highly recommend them!!

    By Cathy

    I own many Contigo water bottles and mugs and LOVE them all, with the exception of the Jackson Water Bottle. The latch doesn't hold and I've had many leaks and spills. I like the wider opening to fill with ice and water from the frig but I would not recommend this design and won't buy again.

    By Ashley

    I was in need of a wide mouth bottle, and wanted a ring for easier carrying. I saw this bottle and thought it would be a great purchase since all over the bottle it states, leak & spill proof. Beware, this bottle leaks worse than any bottle I have ever purchased. Do not put this bottle in a bag if it actually has contents in it. It will ruin whatever you have in there. Bottle also sweats pretty bad.

    By skatechic

    LOVE!!! this water bottle. I.purchased a 3 pack from Costco. At first I hesitated because I thought they were pricy but I'm so glad I didn't pass them up. I'm hooked and am going back for more. No straws to clean or keep up with just pop the top. Large opening for easy ice and refill, BPA free and carry handle. Easy to clean and great colors. In my opinion its the perfect water bottle.

    By Kathryn

    This bottle does not close right. it's not tight and it does leak. Not a good choice. I got it because of the wide mouth but I've had nothing but trouble with closing the lid. I will stick to the travel mugs for my water.

    By NaeburlyJ

    I love these water bottles, but it is not 24 oz. as it is advertised.

    By Koala

    This is the best water bottke I have ever puchased. I love the flip lid (push button) which came in handy with my arm in a cast. The ring made it very easy to carry with one finger!

    By Bethany

    I purchased this water bottle after being very impressed by my first two contigo products. (A 32oz autoseal bottle and an autoseal travel mug) the 32oz is incredibly high quality, esspacially for the low price, but a bit large to carry around. This bottle is the perfect size and shape. I wasn't to sure I would like to drink from this type of bottle but the plastic is smooth and the perfect size opening to make is very comfortable.

    By WaterDrinker

    As the owner of many contigo water bottles, I still think the original autoseal one is still the best.

    㒓@ like how you can put ice from a machine in now instead of hand putting ice cube in it.
    㒓@ like how that there's no icky straw to clean.

    㒓﹩id doesn't always pop up if you use the hoop feature.
    㒓㎡o get the full 24 ounce you have to put the lid on it and then proceed filling through the mouth spout.
    㒓$olors are bit on the feminie side.
    㒓\ottle sweats

    By zuoaizen

    This is a convenient bottle because of the push open mech.
    Pros: easy open, can pit ice in, can mix preworkout, handle, bpa, easy clean and sturdy

    Cons: the button is too big, so accidental leaks will happen (recommend to always carry and not hold in purse or bags) ; if it's dropped, the top will pop open and spill; not too comfortable to carry in gym environment.

    By ChynnaBlue

    I love the Grace water bottle, but it was missing two things for me: a wide enough opening for ice from a machine and a cover over the mouth. This bottle solves both of those issues. I can unscrew the lid and put the bottle under an ice machine, then put the top back on to fill it all the way up with water. I don't have to worry about the mouthpiece getting dirty if the bottle falls over because I can cover it when I'm not drinking from it.

    By Irasema

    muy feliz de haber comprado 2 botellas de agua, excelentes en todo, ingeniosas aperturas para ponerle hielos y practico para tomar el agua. ME ENCANTARON!!!

    By barbara

    beware the gasket in the lid may \disappear\" when in the dishwasher........"""

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Care & Use

Jackson  & Jefferson Water Bottle
Care and Use Instructions
  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • DO NOT overfill.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives, and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT continue to use product if damaged.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.


  • If desired, add ice to body with lid removed.
  • Prior to drinking fill bottle with the lid on.

        Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • For the Jefferson model, it is not neccessary to remove the silicone sleeve from the bottle for washing.
  • Lid and body are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • JeffJack_Care_and_Use_pos2.png
  • If washing by hand, wash body and lid seperately with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best cleaning result, use a Contigo bottle spout brush,
  • ALWAYS STORE BOTTLE WITH LID REMOVED to allow parts to dry completely.
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