24 oz. AUTOSEAL® Madison Water Bottle
Item #: CPWBG100A

Take on the hectic week ahead with this spill-proof Contigo Fit AUTOSEAL® Madison Water Bottle which automatically seals between sips.

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Take on the hectic week ahead with the 24 oz. AUTOSEAL Madison Water Bottle. This water bottle features a one-touch AUTOSEAL lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. This Contigo Fit BPA-free water bottle is made with Tritan materials for high impact resistance, and the carabiner attaches to gym bags, backpacks and other gear with ease. This water bottle is engineered to be top-rack dishwasher safe for easy care and it fits in most standard cup holders.


  • 100% BPA free. No need to worry about the container you are drinking from - Contigo makes only BPA free bottles.
  • Patented AUTOSEAL lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof.
  • Drinking made easy! Press to sip. Release to seal.
  • AUTOSEAL automatically seals between sips to ensure no spills.
  • Ready for one-handed operation, making it ideal for on-the-go drinking.
  • This Contigo Fit water bottle is made out of Tritan, which provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors.
  • Carabiner clip on the handle makes this water bottle easy to carry.
  • Attach it to a bag strap for hands-free portability.
  • Water bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. Wide opening fits ice cubes.
  • Volume markings help you gauge water intake.
  • 24 oz. size fits most car cupholders.

Volume: 24 oz.

Dimensions: 4.1" across widest point of lid x 10.3""H x 2.9" diameter at base

Additional Information

Volume 24 oz.
Price $10.99
Width 4.1"
Height 10.3"
Body Material 100% BPA-free Tritan
Insulation, Heat N/A
Insulation, Cold N/A
Carrying Clip Yes
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

29 Reviews

    By Amy S.

    I bought this bottle not knowing anything about Contigo and absolutely LOVE it. I recently took this on a trip and like the fact that it never leaks. Other bottles I have used make the water taste funny and this bottle does not have any taste! I dropped it several times and never breaks. Overall I love it.

    By Lara

    The fist 3 months of usage was perfect, but the lid started leaking after this. It looks like the seal is broken :( I am not sure if I would buy Contigo products again.

    By Critterina

    What I like about this:
    1. you don't need to try to hold the bottle and use your thumb to open it - I've got four fingers holding the other side and can spare one, but I've only got one thumb
    2. seals well enough that if I put it upside down in my purse, no worries!
    3. every so often I need to hook it on my belt or beltloop to free up a hand when I'm climbing over something - the hook is perfect for that
    4. the whole bottle takes a lot of abuse, but may eventually break. I regret throwing away a good lid having split the bottle on a concrete floor - after MANY drops, because now I am replacing a lid after it got hit with a 8-9" diameter tree limb, dropped from about 6-7 feet. But I'm also replacing some spout/straw-type lids with thumb openers.

    Please never discontinue this style!
    Please bring back the 32 oz. bottle

    By Sara

    For me, this is the best water bottle on the market. It DOES NOT LEAK!!! Everything else I've ever tried leaks. And I've tried shat seems like a million other brands. Autoseal is awesome! I put mine in the dishwasher and they've been very durable. One did start to leak but that's because the hook/latch broke off after I dropped it (which does happen with water bottles, Contigo!).

    I wanted to give the bottle five stars but, like other people whose reviews I've read, mine have also broken since the redesign. However, Contigo has replaced them each time. Awesome customer service! Awesome water bottle!!! I recommend these to everyone.

    By ContigoOrange

    Very happy to start with using this product for about 3 years . Purchased about 6 older autoseal worked with no hassl! LOVED THE BOTTLES... Then you changed the design and the lids break within 3 months of use. Old design you only needed one hand to get the lid on straight tight and no spilling! So easy a 3 year uses it and has no issue with the lid BUT THE NEW DESIGN WE ALL HAVE ISSUES WITH SPILLING WATER TRYING TO PUT THE LID ON. AFTER PURCHASING THE NEW DESIGN TWO OUT OF THREE BOTTLES THE LIDS HAVE FALLEN APART Within 3 months. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD LID !

    By Estani

    A great bottle. I have the discontinued green version and it works like the first day. Plus, the fact that this is BPA free, years don't harm the bottle neither the user

    By Theresa

    I ordered these in several colors and love them. I have been using the Autoseal by Contigo for 5+ years and they last quite well. I recently purchased 6 new Autoseals; 2 blue, 2 black, and 2 pink. The pink lids both broke after one or two uses. The other colors have held up great like all my others have.

    By Dissatisfied

    Worked okay when it worked. But one small drop and the lid busted. clearly, this thing never passed any drop tests.

    The product is designed badly, and service would not replace it.

    By Kaia

    Love this water bottle. Bought two and have used them everyday for a few years.

    With time the carrying clip has broken off, but I still use the water bottle because it does not leak and is easy to use.

    By Cathleen O.

    This is hands down the best water bottle I've seen out there. I tell people it's my adult sippy cup! I love using it everywhere I go from work to the gym and even out for a hike with the dog. I am glad I found this awesome product.

    By Cathleen O.

    This is hands down the best water bottle I've seen out there. I tell people it's my adult sippy cup! I love using it everywhere I go from work to the gym and even out for a hike with the dog. I am glad I found this awesome product.

    By Ziggy1363

    this is the best water bottle around it attaches to anything and is just the best one I've found. We are Pure water fanatics for over 30 years I've carried my own with me! So please don't get rid of your clip on bottle like the Madison! It's The Most Practical design I've ever found. Only breaks if it's thrown hard at a wall glad it didn't hit me! Thanks!

    By B

    easy use

    By Alexhb

    I found my first Contigo Autoseal water bottle floating gracefully down the Erie Canal near my house. I lifted it out, expecting to give it a proper burial for its service when I arrived home. I found the water bottle and mechanism in good working order, notwithstanding supporting its own micro-ecosystem. I brought it home with tenderest care and gave it a loving, warm bleach bath. It has served me well in its life, braving numerous falls onto the asphalt and dives down the stairs. It died a tragic death by plummeting down 3 flights of stairs, to meet a quick and painless demise. I will never forget him - my water bottle - my companion, though another of your kin will fill your rank.

    By Waterlover

    We tend to buy our contigo water bottles and mugs from Costco, but I really wanted some pink ones and found the website. I love them, they withstand my butterfingers (dropping on concrete often), my husband (he breaks everything), and my 5 year old (no comment). Love the auto seal. it's never failed me!

    By Susan

    This is my go-to bottle for the past 4-5 years. I've bought one for my husband and son, lost mine and replaced it, recommended it to others. One of my professors even asked for the brand name when he learned how leak-proof it was. Yes, I'm going back to school in my times!

    The seal is impressive. Never leaks, even when in a backpack, after being dropped, or at any angle.

    The flow of water is impressive, too. I love that I can get as much water as I want in a simple push of my finger. No big sucking effort as experienced with other brands. I feel like I'm drinking from a glass, the flow is so good.

    The clip is impressive, too. My son and his pals clipped theirs to their ropes on the canoe to prevent loss if they capsized. I've clipped it to backpacks if my backpack is too full. It clips to all manner of things like any carabiner.

    Out of all of the years and miles these bottles have covered, only one clip has broken and it was my sons. Not sure that counts because he can break just about anything, given enough time!

    Thank you Contigo! Feel free to bring back the 32 oz. version any time again. I'm delighted we bought the 32 oz. ones when they were available. They fit into my front 2002 Rav4 holder like a dream (in fact, better than the 24 oz. ones).

    Contigo! Madison! Autoseal!
    YOU ROCK! : )

    By Ph3arth35k1llz

    Was happy with the water bottle until the rubber seal broke inside the lid. possibly caused by overtightening????


    I got this water bottle for free from my company (with custom branding an whatnot). But I was looking up how many fluid oz it held and deicded to review it. I really like mine and it seems to be very durable. I have only really dropped it on hard surfaces and such. Not exactly a \run it over with your car\" type durable. "

    By Andi

    My Madison bottle broke as I was screwing it shut. I didn't get to use it but about 6 times. The plastic split on the top, and it no longer stays shut.

    By Hightower3

    I'm not sure if I got a defective lid or what happened but water would drip onto me everytime I took a sip. I'm not sure how but water was getting into the screw top part when I would take a sip. Then when I tilted the bottle the next time it would drip all over me. I think I got a defective lid because there's no way everybody's had this issue. (I was able to return it without any hassles (I bought it on

    By debcandrive

    Everyone at the gym asks me where I got mine. They don't spill, they have the right amount of water for 1/2 of my workout, so I use two. No pesky straw to work with (how do people get them clean??) Easy to carry, I have no design suggestions. These bottles are PERFECT. Could you please make them in turquoise and red again?

    By Jennifer

    Our family has been using these water bottles for a couple of years, since we found them at Costco. They are the best! Easy to use and clean, no straws to mess with and so durable! My only complaint is that after about a year the seal deteriorates and water starts to drip out when you are drinking or when the bottle is on its side. I figure for $10 a year is a pretty decent lifespan but seems like there should be a simple design improvement in the works at Contigo!

    By Amanda30

    I absolutely LOVE this water bottle. I've used it for almost 5 years and I've only had to get a new one twice. Each time was because I dropped it and the head cracked off, but I've dropped them multiple times and they've survived. Seriously, get this water bottle. It's my best friend and I consume so much more water than I normally would. Bring it everywhere and hydrate yourself.

    By Stef

    Got a bunch of these from Costco a few years ago and I love them. I pretty much have one with me everywhere I go. I have managed to break a couple (dropping on concrete from 10 or so ft up is not recommended) but considering I've had them for 3 or more years I'm ok with them breaking down a little.
    I love that there is no straw to deal with or clean and they do not leak (unless you don't tighten them enough). I will be buying more and soon.

    By Barbara

    I have had many water bottles in my lifetime but have never loved a bottle like the Contigo. I found mine at Costco and because it is very difficult to turn down a deal Costco I bought a set of three.
    I never expected to like it so much. With my job I need a bottle that does not leak. I also need durable because I am a klutz and drop things a lot! This bottle stands up to a lot of wear and tear. An added feature is the hook that I can attach to my work bag when my hands are full.
    No problems at all. I drink a lot of water and usually have several bottle going at once so I will be going back to Costco to buy more.

    By Ming

    I saw this bottle in a set of 2 at Costco and did not know it would be this impressive of a water bottle. It's the first bottle that truly does NOT leak! The AUTOSEAL is really revolutionary technology. It's also been dropped many times without any damage to the body. Unfortunately, the grey clip piece broke off yesterday somehow, maybe due to too much pressure against it from using it to turn the cap?

    By S

    My Madison bottle started leaking only three months after I bought it. Somehow, the rubber seal got pushed back into the lid and no longer creates a seal. I was sent a replacement lid but was disappointed that they sent me a black lid to go with my purple water bottle (apparently they had no purple lids in stock). I was surprised they would send mismatched lid instead of replacing the entire bottle. Not great customer service for what is supposed to be a lifetime warranty. The bottles are great when they work but it didn't take long for mine to start leaking.

    By Omar

    I accidentally dropped the water bottle down 5 flights of stairs and it is still intact, the mechanism is still working and the bottle is not leaking at all. I expected the bottle to leak even a little bit but this product proves that it is worthy of its money. 10/10, 5 stars, perfect product!

    By Omar

    I accidentally dropped the water bottle down 5 flights of stairs and it is still intact, the mechanism is still working and the bottle is not leaking at all. I expected the bottle to leak even a little bit but this product proves that it is worthy of its money. 10/10, 5 stars, perfect product!

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Care & Use

AUTOSEAL Water Bottle
Care and Use Instructions
  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Not for use with carbonated or pulpy beverages.
  • Check product regularly for proper function and replace immediately if damaged.
  • Always press the AUTOSEAL button with bottle in an UPRIGHT position prior to tipping it to drink. This will release any built-up pressure. Release button to seal.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • Avoid accidental depressing of the AUTOSEAL button by keeping the button free and clear of other objects.
  • DO NOT overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives, and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.
Usage Recommendations
  • PRess Button

    to open

  • tip

    to drink

  • Release button

    to Automatically Seal

  • The AUTOSEAL lid is designed to help prevent spills from accidental tipping.
  • The AUTOSEAL lid that came with your new purchase is designed to only fit your Contigo water bottle. Not for use with other products.
        Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • Rinse lid immediately after each use

    With warm water, pressing the AUTOSEAL button
    so water flows through Drink Spout and Vent Hole.

  • Lid, plastic body and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Hand-wash stainless steel body.
  • if washing by hand, soak the lid for 10 minutes in hot, soapy tap water. Hand-wash body with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both the lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best results, use a Contigo bottle brush,
Always store mug with lid removed to allow parts to dry completely
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