24 oz. AUTOSEAL Grace Water Bottle
Item #: CPGRF100A

Multi-taskers assemble! This spill-proof AUTOSEAL® Grace Water Bottle is engineered for an easy one-hand drinking experience.

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Multitaskers assemble! The 24 oz. AUTOSEAL Grace Water Bottle is engineered for an easy one-hand drinking experience. This BPA-free water bottle features a one-touch AUTOSEAL lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, and the body is made with durable Tritan materials. It has been said that improved hydration increases productivity. It has also been said that a water bottle is a good way to hydrate. This water bottle is engineered to be top-rack dishwasher safe for easy care and it fits in most cup holders.


  • 100% BPA free. No need to worry about the container you are drinking from - Contigo makes only BPA-free bottles.
  • Patented AUTOSEAL lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof. Drinking made easy! Press to sip.
  • Release to seal. AUTOSEAL automatically seals between drinks to eliminate spills and leaks.
  • Easy, one-handed use with no caps to remove or spouts to open.
  • This water bottle is made for on-the-go drinking. No plastic odors or taste.
  • The AUTOSEAL Grace Water Bottle is made out of FDA-approved, BPA-free Tritan, which provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors.
  • Sturdy integrated carry handle with soft grip.
  • Measure markings help gauge liquid intake. Wide opening fits ice cubes.
  • Water bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. Fits most car cup holders.

Volume: 24 oz.

Dimensions: 3.9" across widest point of lid x 10.5"H to top of carry loop (tallest point) x 2.9" diameter at base

Additional Information

Volume 24 oz.
Price $10.99
Width 2.9"
Height 10.5"
Body Material 100% BPA-free Tritan
Insulation, Heat N/A
Insulation, Cold N/A
Carrying Clip No
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

7 Reviews

    By Christopher Robin

    Good size (for me)
    Smooth button function allows fast water access
    Sturdy bottle and carry loop
    BPA free
    Good value

    Hard to keep lid clean
    Carry loop sticks out sideways too far
    No button lock

    Full Review:

    I purchased this so I could maintain better hydration while at work/uni all day. It holds enough water to last for several hours, but is small enough to fit into my backpack's water bottle pocket. The button's action is smooth and properly weighted. The seal has functioned perfectly for me under adverse conditions, though I see potential for dirt or sand to elicit leakage. The only times I've had unintended drippage has been following a rushed filling, where some water misses the open hole and a bit pools on the level, outside surface of the bottle beneath the threads. While internal threading (like on the travel mugs) could solve this issue in future iterations, a quick flick of the bottle after a botched filling is sufficient for now. I frequently take my bottle outdoors (climbing, hiking, etc.) where it swings around, suspended by a carabiner clipped to the carry loop, and despite reasonable cosmetic damage it still functions as advertised.

    I have a few complaints with the bottle design, as well as some potential solutions for future iterations:
    Firstly, it is a pain to clean the lid. I use my bottle every day (it even sleeps next to me) and so it is constantly wet - perfect for bacterial growth. Access to a dishwasher might help me, but the real problem is this: while normal wide-access water bottles can be thoroughly washed and completely dried in under 5 minutes, the fancy Contigo lid can take hours to dry - much longer than I care to wait. So I often go longer than I should between washings. Solution: make the mechanism in the lid removable and easily separable.
    Secondly (and less importantly), the carry loop is angled away from the bottle, causing the whole bottle to hang unevenly if suspended by its loop. The obvious function of this angle is to prevent the bottle from smacking into your nose, thereby rendering any angle change more harmful than helpful. Solution: put a much smaller loop in the center of the lid to allow for cord/cable loop carry.
    Lastly, the ever-exposed button means you can't (or at lest shouldn't) put a full bottle in your car trunk, backpack etc. Solution: put a toggle-button lock on the lid.

    Despite my complaints, this is a fantastic water bottle and I really appreciate the size, sturdiness, and ease of use. The complexity of the button-valve mechanism is definitely a double-edged sword, but the ability to drink from a sealed water bottle without unscrewing a cap makes it worth it to me.

    4/5 stars

    By Kate

    I am a very picky buyer, but I happily bought this; it had all the features I wanted and looked nice to boot.
    Unfortunately, I bought this thinking that it would actually live up to the claims Contigo made about it. I took it to class and next to work, but from it's first use it failed me. I opened my bag to find it had LEAKED WATER THROUGH THE AUTOSEAL BUTTON all over my papers for class. I wasn't very happy. I double and triple checked and it is indeed not leak-proof. I am very disappointed in this product.

    By McJee

    I am a HUGE fan of the Westloop series for my tea and coffee so I thought I'd try Grace for my water. I like the idea of the one handed operation. I picked up two of these bottles at a brick and mortar store. Unfortunately the button is so easy to press that carrying it upright in a handbag makes it leak. Drinking from it is awkward because of the raised edge that the upper lip needs to get round. Driking from Grace looks about as graceful as an infant trying to sip from a cup. Not good. I wish I could return them but now that I've opened and used the bottles the store won't take them back.

    By RO

    To ensure the lid doesn't get mold residue do not put the lid back on after washing or keep the lid on with water in the bottle. Empty the bottle and store with the lid off and let air dry. You will never have any problem with mold if done this way.

    By Water Bottle Lover

    I really, really love this bottle! Its so recommended to anyone that's looking for a new bottle. However, you must wash and dry the bottle properly to make sure it doesn't get moldy! You can't blame the company for this. I bought the two pack at BJ's and the bottle fits great in my bag!

    By NaeburlyJ

    I love these waterbottles! I love the "one-handed operation" and are totally leak-proof.

    Unfortunately, because of the push button mechanism, the lid is hard to wash and dry properly, and mold starts growing inside.

    By LovesWater!

    I bought 2 of these water bottles not knowing anything about them. I LOVE them and will be buying many more to have on hand! Excellent product - does NOT spill when knocked over or turned upside down!

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Care & Use

AUTOSEAL Water Bottle
Care and Use Instructions
  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Not for use with carbonated or pulpy beverages.
  • Check product regularly for proper function and replace immediately if damaged.
  • Always press the AUTOSEAL button with bottle in an UPRIGHT position prior to tipping it to drink. This will release any built-up pressure. Release button to seal.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • Avoid accidental depressing of the AUTOSEAL button by keeping the button free and clear of other objects.
  • DO NOT overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives, and/or other harsh chemicals.
Usage Recommendations
  • PRess Button

    to open

  • tip

    to drink

  • Release button

    to Automatically Seal

  • The AUTOSEAL lid is designed to help prevent spills from accidental tipping.
  • The AUTOSEAL lid that came with your new purchase is designed to only fit your Contigo water bottle. Not for use with other products.
        Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • Rinse lid immediately after each use

    With warm water, pressing the AUTOSEAL button
    so water flows through Drink Spout and Vent Hole.

  • Lid, plastic body and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Hand-wash stainless steel body.
  • if washing by hand, soak the lid for 10 minutes in hot, soapy tap water. Hand-wash body with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both the lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best results, use a Contigo bottle brush,
Always store mug with lid removed to allow parts to dry completely
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