20 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Sheffield Stainless Water Bottle
Item #: CPSFB100B01

Press to Refresh! Dominate the to-do list with this AUTOSPOUT® Sheffield Stainless Water Bottle featuring a touch-button spout for easy one-handed drinking.

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Press to Refresh! Dominate your to-do list with the 20 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Sheffield Stainless Steel Water Bottle. This water bottle features stainless steel powered by Thermalock™ vacuum-insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours! The vacuum insulation also helps to eliminate sweating for improved grip. The one-touch-button spout releases for easy one-handed drinking from a straw. When the spout is not in use, the built-in spout shield keeps it clean. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip. It has been said that improved hydration increases productivity. It has also been said that a water bottle is a good way to hydrate. 


  • Thermalock™ double-wall vacuum-insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 20 hours
  • Press to Refresh! This AUTOSPOUT® lid features a press-to-release button that opens the drinking spout
  • One-handed water bottle operation
  • Spout shield covers and protects the spout when the spout is retracted
  • Two-finger handle features soft grip for comfort
  • Lid is top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Sleek design fits car cup holders for travel
  • BPA-free

 Volume: 20 oz.

Dimensions: 3.3" across widest point of lid x 10.8" tall to the top of the handle x 2.8" diameter at base

Note: When using the water bottle at high altitudes, such as during an airplane flight or when bottle is exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, such as in an enclosed car, twist the lid a quarter turn to relieve pressure, then reseal the lid before use.

Additional Information

Volume 20 oz.
Price $19.99
Width 2.75
Height 10.3
Body Material Stainless Steel
Insulation, Heat No
Insulation, Cold up to 20 hours cold
Carrying Clip No
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body No
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

36 Reviews

    By JodyK

    I own about four of these! After trying one out, I knew that this was the only water bottle we needed in our family! We have never had any trouble with the cooling, the straws, etc. This is the product to have!

    By Paterre

    The bottle is nice but it doesnt work properly.
    you have to work hard to get the water out of the bottle. They forgot to put a hole on top of the bottle so the water will flow easely..

    Dont buy this productl

    By Pat

    I love this bottle! It stays really cold for a long time. The only problem that I have with it is that its too small. Please make one in a larger size. For people stuck at their desk all day sometimes we can't keep refilling the bottle. I need more water and if I have it in front of me, I'll drink it!

    By Mike

    Used this bottle for 3 months and started feeling odd with all sorts of muscle pain that was unexplained. Water tasted odd but I figured "what the hell". Stopped using it 4 days ago and pain and lack of energy getting better. The bottle is NOT made in the USA it's made in China!!

    By Tim

    I was given one of these. Just tried it for the first time today, and it does not work. Sucking on the mouthpiece achieves nothing. I have looked at the design, and it looks like the mouthpiece to straw socket is a single piece of silicone. Mine appears to leak rendering it useless. Very disappointing.

    By Cfavr

    I bought this bottle because I had so many other bottles that just never kept my water cold for any length of time. With this bottle, I can fill the bottle with ice and water when I leave home in the morning and I do not have to replenish the ice ALL DAY!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

    By jimbob

    suction tube breaks in time and the bottle is useless.

    By Snardo

    We bought two of these at Walmart. One works wonderfully. Water is still cold almost 24 hours after being filled.
    The other is a huge disappointment. It behaves as though it is not insulated at all. We did an experiment - filled both bottles with the same amount of ice and water and left them on the counter overnight. In the morning, one bottle had very cold water and some ice. The other had nearly room temperature water!
    Apparently quality control is not this company's strong suit.

    By Happy User

    This is my absolute favorite water bottle of all time! I've had mine for almost a year now and it still works like new. I love that I don't have to tip the bottle up in order to take a drink, which makes workout and driving hydration safe and easy. It really keeps the water cool! I almost always put room temperature water in this bottle (my preference) and I will admit that there have been a few times when I have forgotten this bottle in the car on a hot, sunny day for several hours, but when I return I don't have to worry about going thirsty until I get some fresh cool water, because the water in the bottle is STILL cool and as fresh as when I first put it in.

    *Things to remember:
    try to store it in an upright position, because just like on any other water bottle, there is an air pressure release point which a little bit of water can get through.
    If you are having trouble with the flow, try adjusting the straw inside. I have found that the best way to do this is to close the mouth piece and then push the straw in as far as it will go.


    By Goldwinger

    My husband and I ride a Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle. This water bottle fits perfectly into our cup holders and keeps our drink cold all day. Even when riding in the summer heat. The push button open is also great since it can be opened with one hand. We love this bottle and our riding friends often ask where we got them. I'm purchasing back-ups for us just in case.


    I love this product except the part of the straw that compress open and close get worn out they will have holes in that area and you can not drink out of it any more. The straw have to be replace.

    By MaryCath

    I used to love this product. Then mold kept accumulating in the mouthpiece area. Nearly impossible to remove it all and it keeps coming back. I kiss this product but ingesting mold is not a good idea.

    By Bethany

    I received this water bottle as a gift for Christmas and have been using it everyday. It still looks very nice and nothing has broken. The carrying loop has a small curve in the center which makes the loop very comfortable to be carried with two fingers. It is advertised to keep water cold for up to 20 hours, but I filled mine with ice and poured water around that and it stayed frozen for 28 hours.
    Warning: if you perchase this product and notice that it's difficult to suck water through the straw, pull the start out of the cap and only push it half way in.

    Cons: the latching sound it makes is a bit loud if you are in a quiet classroom and sometimes when you press the button and down guide the spout up it flings droplets of water out(easily prevented).

    All in all its a quality product.

    By Lance

    I have had many water bottles but this is the best ever. I can leave it in my car on 100 degree days and after 4 hours the water is still cool. I have 4 of these bottles and they have never leaked.

    By The Mom

    I got this as a Christmas present for my daughter who was envying her friend who had gotten one a while ago. She said the spout was super cool and that it kept her friends drinks super cold or super hot. Now that she has one she takes it to school everyday and loves that there are still ice cubes in it @ the end of the day. Contigo - do NOT stop making these!

    By diane

    Purchased 6 of them and 1 broke about 4 weeks after purchased. I would like to purchase a few more and would like to know if there are any other colors and also about warranties? Thank you

    By David

    What can I say, but that I love this water bottle. It insulates better than any other bottle that I have tried. It has a one touch mechanism that lets you keep the spout clean and can be done with one hand. It has a straw, that makes it easy to sip, without having to tilt your head all the way back, to take a drink. It has a large size along with a slender design, that is easy to hold. It has a handle, so that you can hold it with one finger, if you want. And most importantly, it's insulation is probably the best on the market. I I but in a reasonable amount of ice (about 20% or less ice), the water stays cold for at least 24 hours. I want another one!

    By Merm

    I would LOVE if you could get the stainless steal in a 32 ounce size!!!

    By GenxBear

    Love this water bottle. Keeps water & ice cold for many hours even when it's hot outside. I wish you guys made a 32 oz version that fits into standard cupholders for cars.

    By tojamn

    I love this water bottle! I own 2 of them. One stays on my bedside table all the time. I can read & relax & my fresh cool water is always by my side. You can drink from this bottle while reclining without spillage. I absolutely love this water bottle!!!

    By mshell

    These are PERFECT for my kid's back packs. Never have to worry about them leaking and living in Central Texas it's always hot out, the Contigo water bottles keep their drinks COLD ALL DAY! It's the only water bottles we buy.

    By TN VOLS fan

    It's a great size and I use it everyday.
    I think it looks sophisticated and is a great fashionable water container ~

    You won't regret this purchase!

    By Mary Cosgrove

    Ordered SHEFFIELD,20oz, Ocean water bottle-the top doesn't fit the bottom. Had two other water bottles, but both leaked and wanted a new one. Now, having three water bottles, non of them work. Can't get anyone to answer the phone. Not good practice.

    By Contigo Fan

    If I didn't think you made a great product, I wouldn't bother to write.

    You had a perfect product without the straw. Given the fact that people are \Scalping\" them on eBay for nearly $100.00 is living proof that you guys blew it. "

    By Doug

    This bottle keeps drinks cold very well. The only problem is the base that the straw fits into breaks and it leaks and the straw does not work. They sell replacement tops. I would buy another one of these bottles and a spare top.

    By Jan

    I absolutely love this bottle (I have two). I need a good water bottle from which I can drink in a head-down position because of damage to my neck and a tendency to choke on fluids. The one-handed operation is wonderful. It insulates extremely well; keeping water cold in a very hot car for 12 - 14 hours (starting chilled w. lots of ice). The head-level drinking position is much safer for driving and bicycling, as well as for people w. tendency to choke. One of my lids has become worn out after a full year of heavy use, so needs to be replaced. No big deal for me. I'm going to buy extra lids because I'm afraid they're going to discontinue this bottle given some of the comments I've read. I absolutely love the thing. I use it exclusively in keeping myself hydrated. It's a beautifully designed bottle. I suspect the failure in the lids is because the part that is compressed is silicon which handles compression well, but, I think, tears/splits over time with shear stress. Not sure, tho'. If true, it would be hard to devise a fix for that. All the other benefits of this bottle make it more than worth replacing the lid now and then.

    By Nelle

    I use this water bottle constantly. I would like to see it in a stainless 32oz. size. It would be in everyone's Christmas sticking including mine!

    By Nelle

    I use this water bottle constantly. I would like to see it in a stainless 32oz. size. It would be in everyone's Christmas sticking including mine!

    By Kim

    I love this water bottle for my children and I, especially in the hot Arizona summers. It keeps water cold with much less ice than a plastic one. We keep it in the car all morning while running errands with my kids and when they get back in, they have cold water! I just wish they came in smaller sizes and spill proof lids to take to school or inside places while running around for the kids. The big ones get a little bulky to lug around, especially when I have 3 of them. Please make a child-size version of this water bottle!!

    By Grooovie

    I have one of these for each member of my family. We run around alot during the summer. It keeps water cold for HOURS. My son takes his to camp and he is thrilled with it!! I love these water bottles!!!

    By Carissa


    By Sara

    I love, love, love this water bottle!!! Please continue to make this stainless steel bottle, I drink tons of water and the plastic ones just don't hold a candle to this one. The only thing I can criticize is that the straw gets loose inside and then you don't get good flow. If this could be fixed, it would be the absolute perfect water bottle. I would have bought more than one but I can't seem to find them in any stores anymore. Please restock the stores with the stainless!!

    By CD Woods

    Luv this water bottle, keeps everything cold for such a long time!! Works so great for camping!

    By AtlantaJulie

    We have tried every insulated non-BPA bottle there is and this one is the winner. It never ever leaks or pops open. And it keeps water cold (not just a little cold, I mean ice cold) all day in the Atlanta heat. Through 2 hot bus rides, long sunny soccer games, being left in a boiling car for hours - the liquid stays cold and the ice doesn't melt. Plus the straw is nice and wide so we can take big sips and get lots of water easily. I also like the straw because I can drink safely while I am driving. I have been reading that the BPA replacement chemicals in plastic may be as harmful as BPA so I feel really good about sending my kids to school with this bottle every day. They are worth every penny of the price. (Also, I bought Sharpie paint pens and let my kids decorate them, so the silver color more fun and so my kids can tell whose is whose.) Contigo - add more colors and a smaller size that I can fit into a lunchbox for milk!

    By Jamie

    I would love to see this in a 32oz. long and slim to fit in the cup holder in the car and stroller it would also be nice if it had the handle that opened. We used the large coffee/tea cup in Disney in August and it kept the ice solid better then anything I ever used. I own quite a few of Contigo products and am happy with all of them. Thanks Jamie

    By Lolo

    I absolutely love this water bottle. It keeps ice frozen for what seems like FOREVER!! I recommend this to anyone and everyone! Sometimes I don't drink my water fast and with most water bottles the ice melts and the water is warm by the time i get to it. Not with this water bottle! Its always ice cold with ice remaining. The only downfall is that this water bottle only holds twenty ounces and when you fill it up with ice its really half that so I am always running out of water. I really wish they would make one that is 30 ounces and I would be in heaven!!!!!! I love Contigo, it is all I buy now!

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Care & Use

AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle
Care and Use Instructions
  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Not for use with carbonated or pulpy beverages.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • Avoid accidental depressing of the AUTOSPOUT button by keeping free and clear of other objects.
  • DO NOT overfill. Fill liquid to just below the threading in the body.
  • DO NOT microwave of freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleanse containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.


  • Do not pull or rotate the spout shield as it may cause damage to the lid.
  • Silicone drink spout in NOT removable.
  • When using the water bottle at high altitudes, such as during an airplane flight or when bottle is exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, such as in an enclosed car, twist the lid a quarter turn to relieve pressure, then reseal the lid before use.
  • The AUTOSOUT lid that came with you new purchase is designed to only fit your Contigo water bottle.
    Not for use with other products.

      Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • RINSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH USE with warm water and spout in the open position.

    -Remove straw for best results.

  • Lid, plastic body and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • If washing by hand, soak the lid for 10 minutes in hot, soapy water. Hand-wash the body with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best cleaning result, use a Contigo bottle+ spout brush,
ALWAYS STORE BOTTLE WITH LID REMOVED to allow parts to dry completely.
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contact us at 1-888-262-0622

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