Consumer Reviews
Here’s a few things consumers are saying about us on Facebook
Maria A.
I love your mugs and bottles. I have a mug and bottle at work and a set at home. The way it keeps the coffee hot is awesome!! Top of Form
Pooja P.
World's best water bottle!!!!! It keeps your ice from melting for over 24 hours and keeps your water ice cold! This stayed in our car ALL day in the Texas summer heat and the ice barely melted when we drank from it 9 hours after filling it up. Super cute, too! I use it at night so I don't spill my water when I am thirsty at night, as well.
Kay R.
I have a 20oz. insulated coffee travel mug and I love it! I've been using for both coffee and a water bottle so I decided to order an insulated water bottle for my husband and I both!! One of the best products I've bought!!
Judy G.
I have four of them, have given at least 6 of them as gifts, need I say more?
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