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Make it, shake it, take it. - It might look elegant and pristine, but the Shake & Go® Tumbler loves to get a little crazy and shake things up. Iced tea, coffee, water enhancers to more (ahem) adult beverages can be mixed with no leaks or spills.

Item # CPLGG100A02

  • Volume: 20
  • Price: $14.99
  • Width: 3.5
  • Height: 8.5
  • Body Material: 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Insulation, Heat: No
  • Insulation, Cold: No
  • AUTOSEAL® lid: No
  • AUTOSPOUT® lid: No
  • Carrying Clip: No
  • Button Lock: No
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe body: Yes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe lid: Yes
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Whatever your mission, our lids are sealed.

Leak Proof

Leak Proof

Our AUTOCLOSE® technology allows for an easier way to make and take your favorite drinks. The spring-loaded "trap-door" under the lid seals in your drink during your morning commutes so you don't need to worry about spills or leaks.



Our AUTOCLOSE® technology allows for an easier way to make and enjoy your favorite drinks. Simply toss in your favorite water enhancers, powdered beverages, iced coffees or teas and shake things up. You'll never have to stir with a straw or finger again!

Tech Talk

    Shake It Up – Trap door under lid is designed for clean and easy shaking and mixing

    Seal It In – Leak-proof lid (when straw is removed) for on-the-go activities

    Don’t Sweat It – Reduce slippery condensation with the double-wall, shatter-resistant plastic body

    Perfect Fit – Fits most car cup holders and under single serve brewers for coffee or tea

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe lid and body

    All Contigo products are BPA free, have a limited lifetime guarantee and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators who have your mobility in mind.

Product Reviews

Can not be cleaned!

Posted on 7/9/2015 by Shuli

We love Contigo. we use the water bottles the hot coffee mugs and each of my 3 kids have 4 of their own Contigo items! We got these cups for our own us (not for kids) Shakes and iced coffee was used in the cups. The cups are great for on the go, never spilled and I did not have issues with the lid snapping off. I followed exact instructions of cleaning an still after 3months of the lid and the straw grow moldy and gross. No matter what I did vinegar hot water baths and so on, brushed it and brushed it, just wont come off.
The life time warranty was useless as they don't cover these issues and now I feel like I paid top $$ for a product that lived no longer then what you get at the .99 store.
I find very frustrating.

Posted on 6/10/2015 by Tami

So, I bought three of these cups/bottles because I was making a lot of shakes. Seemed like a good idea. It leaks all over the place! UGH! I specifically put my drink in it this morning and I had two cups, so I put the one I "knew" would not leak in my arm and the other in my hand. Yeah, that was a mistake.
Sealing cap breaks at the hinges

Posted on 5/23/2015 by Kvs

Good product untill the self sealing cap breaks off. We had a set of these for couple months and two of the tumblers this happened while I was having my smoothy and ended up almost swallowing a piece of plastic.
Love having a straw instead of a spout!

Posted on 5/16/2015 by Clara

We bought these 20 oz. cups for a vacation at an all inclusive. They give you small uninsulated cups there so we each got one cup for water and another for our choice. We could fill the cups and stow in our beach bag. I stashed the straws in a padded carrier for a hair straightener. The drinks stayed cool for a long time and how nice to not drink from a suction type spout! I use a very soft baby bottle brush to clean them and like my stainless cups, I never put them in the dishwasher. They don't fit in my car cup holder either (Nissan) but I still take them along. Thanks, Contigo, for these lovely cups and their lifetime warranty!
I LOVE this cup

Posted on 4/16/2015 by nancy

Disclaimer: I got this cup for free from Contigo for doing user reviews. But I can honestly say that I love this cup. It's pretty much the only cup I use at home. It's big enough to hold a large drink. I like being able to shake it up. I can travel with it in a bag by taking out the straw. it cleans pretty easily- I use a stiff brush on it and it removes drinks, drink mix, smoothie residue. I even keep it by my bed at night so i can grab it and drink from a straw - but if I tip it, it barely spills.
Great except for lids

Posted on 4/1/2015 by Fireguy

Great idea but the self seal flap breaks with light pressure while cleaning. We bought them for chocolate milk for the kid works great until flap fails I wish they had tapered bottoms
Great product

Posted on 2/26/2015 by Andréanne

I bought it at Costco just yesterday and took it to school today. I can already tell you I love it. I got the pink, purple and blue ones and the design is very pretty and fashion. lol I would TOTALLY recommend it. The only downside is it wouldn't fit in my car cupholder. Thanks Contigo and keep up the good work. You got a new satisfied customer. :)
What am I missing?

Posted on 2/21/2015 by Gr8a22d

I love this as a basic water bottle for use in the car or on the lanai, but as a shaker tumbler? No way! If using a powder it accumulates in the grooves of the lid. Liquid or powder, mixing anything quickly results in mold in the grooves on the bottom of the lid, and it is very difficult to clean.
Great for smoothies!

Posted on 1/16/2015 by Tiffani

I bought this one exclusively to use for my breakfast smoothies. I have been nothing but impressed by this tumbler. What I love is the double wall. There is no sweating, which is really nice. I wish all of their stuff was like this. The only negative thing I can say is that the straw can be difficult to clean. I don't think this is a Contigo issue at all. I make smoothies that have protein powder in them, and if I don't rinse the straw soon after I'm done with the smoothie, it's hard to get the straw to rinse clean. Typically I have to soak it or put soap directly down it and let it sit until everything loosens up and can be rinsed away. Like I said, this isn't a Contigo issue. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this product and will be purchasing more.
Love it!

Posted on 1/9/2015 by Chloe

I've wanted one of these for FOREVER, and finally ordered it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My favourite ever. Great addition to my contigo water bottle. :)

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