Handled AUTOSEAL® Lid With Lock
Item #: CPLIH260A01

Handled AUTOSEAL® Lid With Button Lock fits the AUTOSEAL Randolph Stainless Travel Mug and the AUTOSEAL Fulton Stainless Desk Mug.

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This lid ONLY fits the AUTOSEAL® Randolph Stainless Travel Mug and the AUTOSEAL Fulton Stainless Desk Mug

  • With a simple twist of the lever (underneath the lid), lid opens from the bottom and the top for easy cleaning
  • Replacement lid is only available in charcoal
  • This lid features a locking AUTOSEAL button
  • The button slides to lock, preventing you from accidentally pressing the button while on the go
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

Review Summary

23 Reviews

    By Mark

    In all honesty, I think if you drop a travel mug made out of metal and full of coffee, there is a fairly good chance the plastic handle will break, particularly landing on a hard surface. If the handle can be made a little stronger, great. But it will be heavier too. This is a good product and should not be hazed for breaking due to operator error, i.e. dropping it.

    By On the go Mom

    I have had the style of mug for well over a year. Because of its handle it is one of the few mugs that I haven't dropped, but when my two-year-old was carrying it in a bag it did slip out, and because the mug was full when it landed on the handle it broke. Broke but did NOT leak! I love this style and will be searching for another top. I'm SO glad we have two because we use them almost every day.

    By cierrajane

    I am a repeat customer and have bought several of you autoseal cup mugs and i like the hell out of the auto seal feature and the cups are good looking. I have one complaint about your product and that is your lid handles they are so thin and cheap anytime your cup falls from just about any height the first thing is the lid handle cracks and then it breaks off then the cup is useless. I have about eight of your cups in my cabinet and the handle is broke on all of them. dont you guys run toughness tests on these lid handles , because the handles suck .I think there ought to be a recall on these defective handles. you have a great drinking cup but the handle aint worth nothing.

    By luv2fly

    This is hands down my favorite Contigo lid. Extremely user friendly. Though DON'T DROP IT! $20 for a great coffee mug but Contigo uses the cheapest plastic available. Inexcusable for a mug in this price range with the plastics available today. I would love to have another but I've already replaced 2. Please get it right Contigo or I will spend my money else where. Disappointed.

    By Rick

    I love this mug. i've had many other mugs & this is the only one that keeps things hot or cold for a long time. Ice cubes still in it the next morning! Please do something about the fragile lid, i've purchased three of them & will buy more when in stock.

    By Bob

    Autoseal Lid with Lock
    I would never ever buy again

    By mark

    Great design!!! i love the fat that i can hang the cup on anything and dont have to set it down on a flat surface. Its made too cheaply though! I have went through 2 of these cups. the second only lasted for a few short weeks before i dropped it while i was walking and the lid shattered. I would pay $20 + for a durable handle. It's at the moment out of stock. I think i will look for a new cup.

    By V

    I had a Randolph mug with this handled lid that I purchased several years ago. I dropped it several times, with no issues. Unfortunately the part of the lid that keeps the valve shut broke off during cleaning, so I needed a new lid. I purchased a whole new mug since mine was pretty banged up. Well, the new lids, as many have mentioned, are no where near as strong as the lid on my original. After owning the mug for 6 days, it dropped out of my grip when I bent over to pick something up. And the handle cracked off. And of course Contigo's lifetime guarantee does not cover drops. But after 6 days??? Come on Contigo! That is incredibly poor customer service. I've used/purchased 3 consecutive Contigo AutoSeal mugs. This one will be my last!

    By Tyler

    The mug itself is great. It keeps my beverage hot for the stated period of time, but the handle is cheap. My empty mug dropped from about 4 feet and the handle broke right off.

    I would recommend this mug to everyone I know if the handle material was improved/strengthened.

    By Karen

    I love the mug and the way the handle works, but in the past month I have broken two lids and chipped a third--both breaks from a gentle, short fall onto thick carpet. I'm not throwing them against a brick wall! These handles cost too much to be so brittle. Contigo, can't you use a more durable/flexible plastic...or at least charge less for the replacements?

    By Jeffh

    Had the mug for about 5 months, great mug and price. Unfortunately, like the others, the mug dropped from about 30 inches off my desk and the handle cracked almost all the way through. I would still recommend the mug; but, caution add caution when it come to the lid. disappointed.

    By Javier

    Pro: Wow I love the handle and especially when rushing to catch the train or walking it is very convenient. Great design.

    Con: Cheap Material on the handle. Please redesign the Handle and circumference of the lid around the mug/cup with Aircraft aluminum and keeping the plastic screw and plastic internals intact. with Aircraft aluminum. Or better yet Make one that is not a cheap metal where it can withstand the pressure of a 6 foot fall with the weight of 4 cups of water. If you make it and sell it separate I will buy it but for now I will not spend another penny until you redesign the material.

    By Ray

    The mug keeps my coffee hot BUT if you drop the mug the handle will break. A better quality plastic is needed.

    By Panthera

    Love the shape of the handle, easy to hold, and the lock mechanism is very useful. However...

    Out of 8 lids over the past year, I have 2 remaining that are intact. Most have broken at the handles, but 2 have cracked within so that the seal isn't working and will leak if tipped over. I can still use most of the ones with the broken handles, but aren't as stable to hold and one is broken in a way that the lock mechanism is useless. I love Contigo and I'm happy with all other products. I can't believe that after a year the replacement lids are just as flimsy as the originals. They should give these away for free until they make them better!

    By JAMES

    Great lid, will not leak or drip. Beverages stays hot for a long time HOWEVER if you drop your mug, the handle will break off. If this handle was made of a tougher plastic it would definitely be a 5 plus star product. I just ordered 4 replacement lids.

    By Den

    A Great Product, completely leak proof. Ironic, if you drop it wouldn’t leak but the handle will break. It’s a onetime deal to test if it is leak proof. So it’s a great product if you don’t drop it. This is the third time I have to replace the lid.

    By RigidFlex

    Great product until you drop it and handle breaks.

    I've spent sixty dollars on these and have given up. Best cup I ever had - while it lasted, which wasn't long!

    By Janet114

    The Randolph mug with locking lid is the first time my whole family agreed on a single travel mug for everyday use. Some don't care about the lock, but most of us do and it works great. I've had to replace a couple lids because my 2 year old dropped the mug and the lid broke. But thank goodness Contigo sells the replacement lids. The lids wash very well in the dishwasher... Just remember to hope the lever AND twist the sealer thingy on the inside of the lid to open that up as well.

    By ODdad

    We have four of these lids two with locks and two without. We have not found the ones with the locks to be any more helpful. One of the lids had manufacturing issue and the spring came out on its own. Contigo replace it under warranty but I had to pay for return shipment of a low cost item. Overall my wife likes the handles more than I do.

    By hopeful

    Love the cup for drinking, But 1st time it was dropped the lid broke. Should be made with a better impact resistant material.

    By lostinspace

    My original lid broke just while trying to tighten the lid. The handle is part of the lid and is very delicate. The second time it broke, yes I dropped the tumbler but is broke in exactly the same spot. You would think that they would re engineer this weakness and make it stronger. I am ordering two more lids and if they break, I'm done with Contigo products altogether.

    By Mark

    I dropped my mug and the handle broke. This is a good product but needs a little more product engineering in the handle.

    By Anthony

    Just ordered 2 more lids because I dropped mine today. First time I dropped it and not that far (3 feet) and it was over. That said, this is the BEST travel mug ever when the lid is not broken. No leaks for sure. Temperature maintenance is great. I even used with ice water in hot yoga with no troubles.

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