Extreme Lid (square tab)
Item #: CPLID110C01

This lid fits Extreme Travel Mugs with the square tab.

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This lid has a unique square tab that fits Extreme Stainless Travel Mugs.

Simply pull the tab back to drink and seal to close. This lid helps seal in drinks and is perfect for on-the-go activites.

(This lid will fit the Contigo brand Extreme travel mugs purchased AFTER March 2010.)

Review Summary

5 Reviews

    By HOOP

    Love the mug - but I am about to replace the lid for the 3rd time. I do not use the mug everyday. Lid flip needs to be made stronger.

    By bunny

    I have really liked this mug. I don't use it everyday but show animals and go on car trips often on weekends and use the mug during these trips. This weekend the white tab broke off. I'm buying the replacement lid because the mug itself is very good and keeps my coffee warm for a long time. It was worth the money, just improve this little thing. .

    By Brian

    I love these coffee cups. I've had at least 6 different cups over the last 8 years. Lids have always been a problem. Needs big improvement. Please fix it, but for now I will order 4 more lids. Hopefully this isn't a ploy to make money. Poorly made lids = more $

    By bdub

    Agree with the previous reviewer on the vent holes. Would also add that the white handle is brittle plastic and does not last. This will be my third lid replacement. Great mug - have had it forever, but seriously - design a better lid!

    By Kayakbob

    This lid design needs improvement - the air inlet holes, located at the pivot point of the closure assembly, are too small and become blocked on a regular basis. Since I drink black with sugar only, this should not be the problem it is. I have to completely disassemble the closure assembly from the body at least a couple times a week, as soaking and rinsing are not enough. The white lever is constantly coated with coffee residue, as it sits too close to the body when in the open position.
    On the good side, the lid closes TIGHT! - no spill issues.

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