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This lid fits the 16and 20oz. AUTOSEAL® Aria Stainless Travel Mug or the 16 oz. and 20 oz. AUTOSEAL® Aria Stainless Travel Mug.

  • These Travel Mugs mentioned above are the only AUTOSEAL Stainless Travel Mugs that have a button that slides downward to lock, preventing the button from being accidentally pressed when not in use.
  • If your mug does not currently have a button that slides down to lock, this lid will not fit your mug.
  • Replacement lid is only available in charcoal.


Review Summary

14 Reviews

    By Sadie789

    My husband and I LOVE this mug. Between the two of us, we have 14 total (one for each day). They keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for hours. We both love the stainless steel mug as cleaning is a snap. We put the stainless steel mug in the bottom rack in dishwasher & the lids on the top even though they do not recommend dishwashing the lids. This is probably why we go through the lids so fast. We are retired so we are together all day and of course we have our mugs with us all day. The problem is with both of us using the identical mug, we can't tell which is which is whose. Contigo currently sells only 1 color (black/gray). I hope that Contigo will read this and sell different colored lids. We for one would buy them constantly. We need to have at least 2 different colors. Thank you

    By Jake

    Contigo makes the best stainless steel travel mugs on the planet. 5 stars for the Aria Autoseal mugs! My only complaint is with the lids. I have 2 mugs and sometimes take both on trips because they keep the coffee hot for a long time and I am a coffee junkie. The first lid was difficult to keep clean and I tried boiling hot water once and it ruined the seal. Contigo replaced that lid with a charcoal grey lid. I was expecting blue. It doesn't screw on tight and I suspect it was a faulty lid to begin with. The second mug was also Arial but from the beginning the latch on the cover was sticking but it does seal properly. Eventually I spotted the new easy to clean West loop lids when they came out and thought, Great! I ordered 2 of them for my Aria mugs. MISTAKE! My fault, because they don't fit. I returned them for credit. Mailing costs are always involved in these transactions. I still love the travel mugs but would love to have 2 brand new lids in blue that work. That's all I want! I will pay the agreed upon price after I receive them and make sure they function properly. Someone at Contigo please read this and keep me, the good customer happy. In the long run it will be worth it for both of us.

    By Deb

    Never had a problem with any Contigo products. I just wish lids were interchangeable on the stainless cups

    By Squash4Dave

    I have this lid type and have had no problems. Mine is a Keurig, but is the same as the Aria lid, except for the color of the lock button and the inside being yellow. I don't use it that much but, I only hand wash it. Some complaints about the Astor lid's O-ring cracking because the top of the mug being sharp perplexes me. It may be thin but, when I run my finger across the top, it appears smooth to me. so I don't know why it would crack the ring. Maybe they are screwing the lid on too tight.

    By BigBoyDeluxe

    The Aria was the third Contigo Autoseal product I have bought. $50+ here in the UK. It leaked within 3 months. I returned it via Amazon who sent another. This took 4 months to fail. Amazon won't replace it. Contigo won't deliver a replacement top outside of USA/Canada.
    I'm really disappointed. The most expensive coffee mug you can buy and it just breaks.

    By coffeebear

    Its fustrating to think Contigo made a lid that locks to prevent spill just for the ARIA model? Why not make lid for Westloop?
    OR better yet have one lid for both models, it just hard to design same size mouth so consumers can BUY just the LID to replace current non locking lids.. CONTIGO bad business practice buy forcing customers to buy WHO MUGS instead of making INTERCHANCEABLE lids for insulated MUGS... PATHETIC MOVE....

    By Pescando

    Cannot figure out why the lid is stuck open or will not open at all. Have washed it and inspected it many times. Washed by hand. Also be very careful to make sure you have not cross threaded the lid when screwing it onto the body. The stainless steel cup is great and keeps coffee hot for hours. The weak spot is the lid. At it costs $5 shipping to replace it , plus the cost of the lid.

    By calstylehippie

    lid melting threads have cracks huge one plus small ones bad email call sent back to email just 1 giant ride on the merry go round have 2 mugs no lids and this does rate as a star

    By disappointed

    I purchased the 16 oz stainless bottle for my commute to work. The inside threaded lid severely cracked right away. I have coffee leaks daily. Sad for a product that I paid $30 for :(


    Paid $25 for a mug. Lid cracked within a week. Contigo refuses to honor the warranty and wants $12 ($5 shipping) to send a new one. Thanks, but no thanks.

    By Frustrate

    Lid carcked within 5 days.

    Make up for the crack.

    I am not happy.

    By Pretty happy & not frustrated - haha

    I have the aria and the other autoseal lids and have been happy with both...contigo is awesome.

    My one suggestion is that you sell the o-rings for the other auto-seal lid (astor i think) as after 9 months or so mine wore down from putting the top on too tight. i'd love to be able to buy a couple rings rather than new lids.

    By Lu

    We have three travel mugs & all of the lids leak. The threads inside one cracked & you can't even use the lid that it leaks so bad. The vent on the top of the lids fell out & they now leak. To keep these lids clean is also a chore. Everything gets trapped underneath & there is no way to get them clean except when we put it in the ionizer.

    By Elliott

    Like all the other reviewers, my lid leaks. If the company had any integrity they would admit they made a faulty mug and have a recall in which they send free replacement mugs.

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