Who we are
A relentlessly passionate group of innovators
Let’s face it, there’s tons of challenges in life and drinkware shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve all experienced the coffee dribble down the shirt or the challenge of trying to unscrew a lid while doing two other things at once. Our team here at Contigo, likes to take these challenges and develop an eco-friendly solution to solve them. After we come up with one solution, we go through the process over and over and over again. (We don’t like to sit idle very often.)
What we’ve invented
Because of this passion, the Contigo brand is now a leading innovator of Travel Mugs, Water Bottles and Kids Bottles. Our first innovation was our patented AUTOSEAL® technology which was designed to automatically seal between sips so you never have to worry about spilling another drop. We originally launched this revolutionary feature on a travel mug (to tackle the coffee dribble down the shirt issue) and because of it's popularity we came up with new ways to apply it a variety of stylish water bottles and kids bottles. AUTOSEAL is now America's #1 Selling* line of travel mugs.
Priding ourselves on delivering innovative designs to meet evolving needs, next we developed our patent pending AUTOSPOUT® technology. Understanding that many of us prefer drinking from a straw, we made staying hydrated as simple as a touch of a button. Whether you're at the gym, in school, in the office or at home, AUTOSPOUT Water Bottles feature a pop-up spout for easy one-handed drinking so you never have to take your eyes off your activity at hand.
What’s new
Shake & Go™ Tumbler
The future isn’t stirred, it’s shaken!  Most recently, we designed the Shake & Go™ Tumbler as an easier, no-mess way to enjoy our favorite water enhancers, powdered beverages, and iced coffees and teas. We found that spills, messes and clumps were a major issue with the tumblers that were in the marketplace, so we designed a new technology, AUTOCLOSE™, for 100% leak-proof shaking and mixing (when the straw is removed). Simply make it, shake it and take it. 
Look for us to develop more cool, new innovations to help with life's daily challenges in the near future!