16 oz. SnapSeal™ Byron Double-Wall Insulated Plastic Travel Mug
Item #: CPSSB110A01

The SnapSeal™ travel mug has a one-piece leak-proof lid that allows for quick and easy cleaning while preventing leaks.

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This double-wall insulated plastic SnapSeal™ travel mug has a one-piece leak-proof lid that allows for quick and easy cleaning while preventing leaks. The SnapSeal™ lid easily snaps up for drinking and then simply push it closed when you’ve finished in order to seal. This double-wall plastic travel mug has a comfortable grip that provides convenient one-handed drinking for both left- and right-handed users. The mug also fits most car cup-holders as well as most single-serve brewers. It also features a dishwasher-safe lid for easy cleaning.


  • SnapSeal™ lid features a 1-piece leak proof lid
  • Easy, one-handed use
  • Double-wall insulated plastic mug
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe lid and body
  • Fits most standard car cup holders
  • BPA-free

Volume: 16 oz.

Dimensions: 3.5" wide at the widest point of the lid x 7.1" H x 2.5" diameter at base"

Additional Information

Volume 16 oz.
Price $7.99
Width 2.5"
Height 7.1"
Lid Material BPA-Free Plastic
Body Material BPA-Free Plastic
Heat Insulation Up to 1 hour hot
Cold Insulation Up to 1 hour cold
Button Lock No
Carrying Clip No
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes

Review Summary

17 Reviews

    By Yusa

    I quite like this mug! I work with kids so this is nice to carry around in the morning without having to fear spilling my coffee everywhere if I put it down on a table or if a kid hits it. The coffee does, indeed, cool quickly while the outside of the mug begins to heat up, but personally I prefer my coffee cooling down faster-- to each their own, I suppose. The Snapseal works perfectly, and the mug is just the right size so I can throw it into my bag without worrying about the fabric getting totaled by spills. As a plus, it's pretty stylish (for a travel mug) and feels great in your hand!

    By Baby face

    the tumbler disappointed me so much. I had thought it can keep my coffee hot - at the same temperature as I sipped. Unfortunately even holding it became a challenge as it gets hot from outside and the coffee gets cold.

    By Shorebunny

    This is probably theur worst product. I purchased it for $5.49 at Fry's Signature and it was half price clearance. It didn't have how many hours it keeps your drink hot/cold so after I looked it up here I was really disappointed. Hopefully they stop making these tumblers.

    By Claire

    I purchased this 2 days ago and it has not kept my coffee even lukewarm yet. Very disappointed in this model. Would not purchase again.

    By Harold

    I bought the double walled travel mug with the snap seal and had it about a month and found that it kept the water cold with Ice in it for quite a while. Unfortunately it broke but the great people at Contigo are in the process of replacing it and I am awaiting as we speak for the replacement. Great Customer service!!!!!

    By Amy

    I would not purchase this item again. The insert separated from the outer cup after one use- and, although this cup keeps things reasonably cold, it does not keep things hot at all.

    By Lawerence

    I am a welder so I don't have time to run back and forth all morning, refilling my coffee mug. So I saw this deal and I've been on board every since. I top it off in the morning and I gt hot coffee til noon. The lid cld have been formed a little different but I'm not complaining. My coffee is hot and I keep working.

    By Dean

    I had some ice and my favorite drink in it and it kept it cold for hours! I left some ice cubes in it over night (eight hours) and the cubes had melted to a fourth of its size! Take that Bubba brand!

    By sherri

    This is a perfect little travel mug and the right price. It is small enough for my purse and doesn't spill. It holds a big cup of coffee.

    By Tanya

    This design or lid is NOT leak proof. And now I have a mug that I can't buy a lid for. NOT HAPPY.

    By Mary

    I love this travel mug. Love that the top is completely leak proof, I have no issues drinking from it, and I prefer it to Contigo's stainless mugs that keep my coffee too hot to drink for hours. I only wish they offered it in a 20 oz size.

    By Nak

    I love this mug! It holds a lot of coffee. It keeps it hot all morning. Even still warm in the afternoon. I agree that the design doesn't allow it to come out too fast but I need to cut back on my coffee consumption and this allows me to sip away all morning without going for a refill.

    By Kaycee

    Saw the negative reviews and decided to post that I've had my mug for 2months and its absolutely great. If it were microwave proof it would have had 5 stars. It doesn't leak, the drink stays warm for at least 1.5 hrs. and its super stylish as far as mugs are concerned.

    By Carlo

    Almost impossible to drink from it. Briefly considered drastic rhinoplasty procedure but decided against it. The lid is designed with an upward slope toward your olfactory apparatus, if you then flip the snapseal this will exacerbate the angle even further, forcing you to bent your neck at an angle which would make a contortionist quite apprehensive. When hearing "don't drink and drive" one could apply it to the snapseal design!
    Thankfully Contigo makes the Autoseal model which works beautifully.

    By Lynn

    the lever on the back of the lid doesn't allow for the drinking hole to open enough for anything to come out - I need leak proof not drink proof

    By rcknrbn

    This is the 3rd Contigo travel mug I've owned. My wife purchased this one as a Christmas gift. She apparently liked the design of the Snapseal top. My experience with Contigos is they are remarkable at keeping your beverages hot. But they missed the mark with this one. First sip and the hot contents scald your top lip. Tried sipping a number of different ways (how creative can you get?). Each time is the same result. Burned top lip. I know this isn't an expensive mug but I hope Contigo considers a top redesign.

    By Dee

    For a travel mug, up to 1 hour hot and cold is simply not good enough. It's not worth the price.

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