14 oz. Anna Ceramic Desk Mug
Item #: CPFSD100A

Keeping it classy and hot at home or in the office is easy with this Anna Ceramic Desk Mug.

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Keeping it classy is easy with the 14 oz. Anna Ceramic Desk Mug. This FDA-approved mug keeps coffee hot for up to one hour and looks good in the process. The ceramic and stainless steel body retains heat better than the traditional diner mug and the optional lid and grip base help reduce spills.


  • Includes handy lid with drink spout
  • Stainless steel outer mug wall to help retain heat
  • Grip base to add stability on tabletop
  • Combines two different materials - ceramic and stainless steel - for both performance and style
  • BPA-free

Volume: 14 oz.

Dimensions: 5.3"H x 3.25" wide at lid x 3.5" wide at base x 5.1" at widest point, including handle"

Additional Information

Volume 14 oz.
Price $16.99
Width 3.5"
Height 5.3"
Lid Material FDA-approved plastic
Body Material Ceramic and Stainless steel
Heat Insulation Up to 1 hour hot
Cold Insulation Up to 1 hour cold
Button Lock No
Carrying Clip No
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body No

Review Summary

10 Reviews

    By Jerry

    I forgot to mention when the coffee drizzles down the ceramic it hits the stainless and then run underneath it and out the bottom where the rubber meets the stainless. Don't waste your money like I did. Live and learn.

    By Jerry

    Have 2 of these. Don't keep coffee hot. The lid that you drink thru is poor design. allows the coffee to drizzle on the outside which then drizzles down the outside of cup, making a mess. The tiny hole to drink thru is not open enough. The lid where the coffee comes out is not deep enough which allows the coffee to drizzle over the side. Very poor product. Contigo should have done their homework on this mug.. They better stop selling this one before they get a bad reputation.

    By awdsgn

    I had one of these mugs, even bought a replacement when I dropped mine and it cracked. I love the shape, style and feel of it. BUT... the replacement - which i DIDN'T drop - began to crack one day when I poured hot coffee into it on a chilly winter morning. The cracking got worse over time and when I asked Contigo for a replacement under their Lifetime Guarantee they refused, saying that it was a "Limited" guarantee and this was not covered! So pouring a cup of coffee must constitute "misuse" in their definition.

    Very disappointed in the products durability AND the company's response.

    By Denny

    I have 3 Anna ceramic mugs purchased over the past 3 years and all have been great. I love drinking from ceramic and also having the thermal stainless. I bought them at my local Peet's cafe. My favorite mug.

    By Scott

    The mug is a great size and keeps the contents warm for a fair amount of time. The construction however, is poor. The plastic bottom came off after a few uses and after a few more, the ceramic cup separated from the stainless shell. The seem between the ceramic cup and stainless shell is also hard to clean.

    By Barb

    If you are visiting this website, you have either heard of Contigo or you are a fan of Contigo. I am a big fan and I have water bottles and mugs. I took a chance and decided to try these desk mugs and I'm so glad that I did. The fit under my Keurig and I use them for hot cocoa and tea because I use my west loop for coffee. They keep the beverage very warm for a very long time but the opening is large enough for those tiny marshmallows. Great for a broth drink as well on a cold evening. Perfect gift for a friend or co-worker too.

    By Char

    I have an older version probably from 2008 I got from one of those shopping networks on TV. I love mines is easy to sip and it stays hot and it just recently got a small crack in it and I was looking at replacing. It seems like the quality is not what it used to be from peoples reviews.

    By Mike

    This mug was great at first but after only a few uses it started leaking from the bottom. Soon the plastic bottom came off and it leaks even worse now. I tried to superglue it back on but that didn't fix the problem. It's a shame because it would be great otherwise.

    By tommy

    It doesn't fit well. it's too loose

    By Ross

    Always loved ceramic coffee cups and to find one with insulation is perfect. It travels with me. If it should ever break or chip, because that is what ceramic does, however it does not appear to be fragile. But just in case, I have one in the box for back up. Also just the right size for a full cup from the Keurig

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