16 oz. Extreme Stainless Travel Mug
Item #: CPEXB110A01

Buckle up! This Extreme Stainless Travel Mug is rugged and is perfect for the strap-it-to-your-pack commuter.

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Buckle up! The 16 oz. Extreme Stainless Travel Mug is rugged and is perfect for the strap-it-to-your-pack commuter. This double wall vacuum-insulated mug is engineered to keep drinks hot for up to 4-hours of errands or cold for up to 12-hour days. The rugged carry clip on the handle and textured grips make the Extreme more functional and versatile than the typical travel mug.


  • Patented pull-tab lid makes this travel mug 100% leak-proof
  • Thermalock™ double-wall vacuum-insulation keeps your drinks hot for up to 4 hours, and cold for up to 12 hours
  • Patented carry clip on the handle allows you to take this travel mug wherever you go. Attach it to a bag strap for hands-free portability.
  • Textured grips make the Extreme Mug easy to carry and hold.
  • Constructed with a double-wall and stainless steel inside and out for maximum performance.
  • Lid is top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

Volume: 16 oz.

Dimensions: 5" at widest point, including handle, x 8.1"H x 2.9" diameter at base"

Additional Information

Volume 16 oz.
Price $20.99
Width 5.0"
Height 8.1"
Lid Material FDA-approved plastic
Body Material Stainless steel
Heat Insulation Up to 4 hours hot
Cold Insulation Up to 12 hours cold
Button Lock No
Carrying Clip Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe body No

Review Summary

34 Reviews

    By Steven T

    had this mug for almost for years, used it everyday and it has taken a beating. from the rail yards in buffalo to the woods of northern Maine . after such heavy use the rubber bottom had to to be glued back on and it doesn't seal anymore. so i will have to buy a new top for it and get another 4 years out of it, great product for people on the go

    By Kevap

    There is a rubber gasket inside the lid. FIX IT! Move it to the position it needs to be in. This mug works perfectly for me and many others here. If it doesn't work then the problem is you and not the mug. <shakes head>

    By Beckieeee

    I was so excited when I got this mug. I love to hang my mug on my backpack after I drink my tea or coffee. Unfortunately, this mug leaks like crazy. Even when there's just a splash of liquid, it spills out when the mug is tipped. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the lid to seal properly. A real bummer b/c I loved the clip handle. What a shame for such a pricy mug :(

    By fromoff

    I Just love this mug--,i've been looking and Looking for one comparable To a YETI -- and I FOUND IT!! but less the cost! wahoo..! :) I left ice in it YESTERDAY ( with the lid off) by accident and I Found ICE STILL in it this morning!!!

    By Robt

    Bought a new one as the lid on the old one gave out. Would only keep ice for 4 hours instead of 12. Took back to Target.

    By Veronica

    This mug is fantastic. It keeps my drink warmer for much, much, much longer than the cheap souvenir travel mugs I've accumulated over the years. At first, the plastic tab annoyed me -- I inherited this mug and had no idea what the tab was for. A little Googling provided the answer, and now I'm no longer frustrated because my mug "doesn't seal." In fact, it does seal, perfectly. Anytime someone asks me about my mug, I seal it up and turn it upside down, still full of coffee, to show them how confident I am that it works. I use it so frequently, it's now become the thing permanently attached to my right hand. The rubber grips are nice. The clip is a great feature for when I'm running out of hands. But really, I stand by the seal. I don't know what kind of brute strength other people are using to break off that plastic tab. Maybe my weak upper body strength is a blessing in this case, who knows. All in all, I love this mug and can't recommend it enough.

    By vibro

    I found myself driven to comment on the Contigo mug I recently purchased to replace an older one I lost in a rental car. I have been using this brand specifcally since at least 2005 , and i have found them to be durable, and well designed and worth seeking out. The new design is terrible in that the vent lid won't stay closed so it leaks when at an angle, where as previous versions never did. It actually pops open on its own. In comparison the new mug hole is half the size as sprevious, and it doesn't have a vent hole about the main opening. Like others have said, these used to be great. Now, not so much.

    By Shue

    It leaks from day one.

    By BMaas

    I originally thought this was the best mug on the planet. Bought two of them. Over time I noticed that, even after being cleaned and dried, I would find milky colored fluid in the bottom of it. The top rim of this mug is plastic, which tops the stainless steel. When you drink, coffee or whatever you're drinking seeps through where the plastic and steel meet, going into the walls of the mug. It is impossible to get out. Therefore, as time goes on, every time you take a drink, you are taking a drink of old, festering coffee, or whatever, living within the walls of the mug. I was bummed because I loved the mug otherwise. I got rid of both as I thought it was gross and a huge design flaw, which could cause illness. I wrote the company but never heard a word.

    By zombie

    I had an autoseal conigo mug for years (lost it), replaced it with this new mug, and I wish I had bought another autoseal.

    a) it leaks
    b) the "pull tab" mechanism gets in the way of my nose (admittedly I may have a big nose)
    c) it leaks

    By JavaC++

    To me there are 3 reasons why I don't carry my ceramic coffee mug to the car
    - 1. Spills and sloshes while on the go.
    Spill-proof lid
    2.If you drop it- it shatters.
    Rugged construction keeps its shape through drops and knocks
    3. Gets cold in a half hour!
    Keeps drink hot for 4 hours! cold for much much more!

    That is why I use it- I can drop it! that is my number one cause of losing mugs dropping.
    This takes care of that! Take it and love it!

    By IT Support Man

    This is a great mug. It will keep hot beverages like coffee hot for hours and cold drinks cold even longer. My coffee has stayed hot for over 3 hours and I had a cold drink stay cold for over 8 hours before I finally tossed it out and the ice was still a chunk of ice. Love this mug!!!

    By EmmaRP

    Mug is great at keeping coffee hot for long periods of time but is prone to spills if tipped. This is not a leakproof seal and even just tipped over it will spill...if dropped, forget about it, you will be wiping coffee up for a while! On a quest for new mug....AGAIN!

    By Lost Weekend

    What I was looking for was a cup that didn't have a sliding mechanism that traps old coffee and this cup has the best way of avoiding this. It cleans easily. The bonus is that it keeps things hot.

    By mallwitt

    Great mug, keeps liquids cold or hot for long periods. I hate the lid though. Anything that is more viscous than water has trouble pouring out of the small liquid opening, and since there is no air hole, it pours slowly even when it is just water.

    I have two of the older style extreme mugs (pre-2010) and the round tab lid design is far superior in terms of openings. It has two openings - one for liquid and another for air - The liquid opening is much larger, and sine there is an air hole, it allows for liquid more viscous than water to actually come out.

    By mallwitt

    Great mug, keeps liquids cold or hot for long periods. I hate the lid though. Anything that is more viscous than water has trouble pouring out of the small liquid opening, and since there is no air hole, it pours slowly even when it is just water.

    I have two of the older style extreme mugs (pre-2010) and the round tab lid design is far superior in terms of openings. It has two openings - one for liquid and another for air - The liquid opening is much larger, and sine there is an air hole, it allows for liquid more viscous than water to actually come out.

    By skip

    I have had 2 of these cups for several years and both are still working beyond my expectations. You will love it. Seals perfectly.
    Try one!

    By WWG3

    Very disappointed - thoought I had found a good one by reading it's label, but it is no different than the last couple of travel mugs I have sent to the Goodwill. Just won't keep the coffee warm and it doesn't fit in the drink holders in my Nissan truck. I might just have to go and buy a new Thermos brand to replace the one that got stolen - it will be a couple of bucks more, but it works much better and fits in standard drink holders.

    By sjt1

    The only cup I have found that always seals. Every other cup I have found seals at first and after a while starts to leak between the lid and the cup. I travel on business and rent a car often. This fits in every domestic auto cup holder, as well as Toyota, Kia and Huyndai. I would not even try another mug. Keeps my coffee warm every day from 6:00 am until 9:00 when I pour another cup.

    By GregL

    I've used this exact mug (silver color) for about a year now and it has never let me down. I have mostly put hot beverages into it (coffee/tea) and they stay VERY HOT for a LONG TIME (almost too hot to drink within the first 2 hours!). The lid screws onto the top so there's no chance of it popping off accidentally. I've dropped it several times and it seems to show no damage at all. The narrow bottom fits into my minivan cupholder just fine although every vehicle has different specs and you might have to experiment to find the best one for your particular case. My only problem was that I lost my current mug (or was it stolen?) and will have to replace it with a new one. I will surely get this exact style and brand.

    By HeidiM

    We have had two of these travel mugs for over 10 years and they are great for keeping my coffee hot and no leaking. I have had to replace the lids but that is because I use the open and close top a lot so it is bound to wear out, but I don't mind buying a new lid every 10 years or so with this great mug!!!

    By Isaac

    As I immersed myself into the world of coffee, I inevitably would be carrying my mug around campus, spilling all over myself in utter disgrace. In all seriousness, both corners of my backpack have coffee stains on them from first semester. So... I bought this mug and it literally changed my life. I clip it onto my backpack strap, walk twenty minutes across campus in -40 degree windchill (yeah, I live in Minnesota), yet as I sip my drink in class my backpack remains dry and my drink warm. This mug DOES NOT leak or spill. For all those looking for a solid mug that doesn't spill, doesn't leak, and keeps your drink warm (or cold), this is for you. I highly recommend!

    By Ronnie

    After a good initial run, I am unable to use the mug because the rubber ring that seals the cap to the mug is impossible to put back on. It is useless to me now..poor design

    By David

    I have been using Contigo mugs for many years. Within the last year I had to replace my original mug. When I received the new mug I noticed a few design changes, but not a big deal at first. Until I noticed the new lids no longer have a vent hole to assist the flow of your beverage. Also, the new interior design is very hard to clean now. There are multiple areas for liquid to build up. Even when you hand wash your mug everyday. I love the D ring design of the handle and the mug holds up to multiple drops and bangs. It also keeps my drink hot for more than 4 hours. It is great on my Scouting function or military operations. I am just disappointed that they change the original design.

    By Ashlee

    My most favorite travel mug EVER. Have had this thing for years and only had to replace the lid once from manhandling it too much on a trek through the jungles of Hawai'i. The carabiner is one of the best aspects of it because I'm always rushing around with my hands full. LOVE!

    By dracosha

    The best mug i ever had. Never leaks, keeps coffee hot, doesn't break. i've had it for many many years. will always recommend it!!

    By Phil

    I have had contigo mugs for years, since the days that Starbucks sold them and they were great. Very robust, I have carried them all opver the world and they have given me great service until THIS new design came out. I have had two mugs, and neither last longer than two seeks. In an obvious attempot to cut down the manufacturing cost / complexity of the lids. The first of these new mugs, the tiny tab that the lid hinges on broke, end of that mug .. the second, they now have a removable soft rubber piece that pushes on to seal the flap against the lid, in a very cold night that froze onto the lid, it never stayed attached well afterwards and fell off and was lost after a few more days use ... the new mugs are really very fragile and quite useless for extreme anything. I guess every good design is finally cheapened beyond its useful function, time to find a new manufacturer

    By Wehan

    I have the Extreme Stainless Travel Mug for over 15 years. It is the best, most durable and functional mug I have ever owned. Keeps a hot drink hot for over 2.5 hours. Can't beat this one and the carabiner handle is really handy.

    By MariaPV

    Great to get hot beverage/coffee/latte once past security at the airport - then I clip to my backpack for when we're boarding. No spills... once I'm situated in my seat I can enjoy my piping hot latte!!! Also amazing for cold bev's - can't say enough about these mugs.

    By Mike

    The older mugs worked great. Not sure why they fixed what worked with something that doesn't. The new lids are not nearly as secure and the vent holes get plugged so easily. I drink green tea and the tiny amount of tea residue plugs them up to the point that the liquid won't come out of the mouth piece.

    By Gueris75

    Ive been using contigo mugs since 2008. The old lids (round tabs) were very durable but the new ones (square tabs) dont last more than a month. I bought two mugs in march and by now they already broke. I am very dissapointed since this is the second time this happens, last time (about a year ago) I thought it was bad luck but this time both mugs are useless in one month use. Please go back to the round tabs. The mug itself has always been good, but the lids not so much...

    By JeannieB

    I bought two of these cups several years ago. Both lids just broke this week. I routinely put them in the dishwasher. They keep my coffee hot. They don't leak. They clean well. I have no issues replacing the lids after many years.

    By Dave H

    Like several others I find that the quality of this model mug is not what it once was. I've had several of these mugs and the last one I ordered didn't keep the coffee hot for even 1 hour. Very disappointing.

    By Kayakbob

    I really like this mug, seals tight, stands up to daily commuting clipped to my backpack - BUT - It doesn't fit automobile cupholders!(a little too large at the base), and the lid assembly airholes are too small, blocking on a regular basis.
    So, my mug sits at an angle in the cupholder, flopping back and forth as I drive. I am constantly reaching to stabilize it as I make turns.
    Still haven't found a better fully sealed travel mug with handle...

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Care & Use

Extreme Travel Mug
Care and Use Instructions
  • Careful. The beverage you are about to enjoy is very hot. For best results always use caution.
  • If filling with boiling liquids, allow liquid to cool down for at least 3 minutes before sealing with the lid.
  • Coffee brewed below boiling temperatures can be poured directly from coffee makers into the mug without waiting for liquid to cool down.
  • Prior to drinking check to ensure the lid is secured tightly.
  • Do not overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body.
  • Keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquids.
  • Not recommended for carbonated beverages.
  • Following purchase of this item, wash all parts with hot soapy water before first use.
  • Do not microwave, do not put in the dishwasher and do not freeze.
  • Do not use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverages.
  • The sealing lid is only designed to fit this Contigo® mug. Not for use with other products.
  • Mug is leak proof when closed properly. Drink seal must be pushed down firmly and completely so pull tab is flush with lid top.
  • Hand wash only. Wash thoroughly immediately after each use. Clean with lid in the open position. Always store with lid removed to allow parts to dry completely.
  • The lid closure tab should be in the open position when securing lid onto mug or when removing lid.
  • Lid can be screwed onto body in two different positions to allow for right or left handed use.
  • Pull open drink spout seal with pull tab (Fig A). Fold back pull tab and secure on top of the lid (Fig B).
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