24 oz. Jefferson Water Bottle
Item #: CPJFA100A01

The Jefferson Water Bottle features a unique flip top for simple one-handed drinking at the push of a button.

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The Jefferson Water Bottle features a unique flip top for simple one-handed drinking at the push of a button. The non-slip silicone sleeve makes this bottle great for on-the-go hydration and the carry loop is convenient when your hands are full. This leak proof water bottle is also great for the gym where high-volume hydration is a necessity.


  • Wide opening ideal for ice cubes
  • Split-body design for ease of cleaning
  • Non-slip silicone sleeve makes this bottle great for on-the-go hydration
  • Leak proof; lid prevents spills and leaks between uses and on-the-go
  • Convenient carrying loop
  • One-handed drinking
  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

 Volume: 24 oz.

Dimensions: 2.5" Wide x 9.5" Tall 

Additional Information

Volume 24 oz.
Price $9.99
Width 2.5
Height 9.5
Body Material 100% BPA-Free Plastic
Insulation, Heat No
Insulation, Cold No
Carrying Clip Yes
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

17 Reviews

    By Lezlie

    I've had mine for about a month and it has never been dropped or washed in the dishwasher (often reasons water bottles start leaking) and it leaks terribly. I actually bought three and fill them up daily and carry them with me in my bag of work papers... well, a whole file and my planner were ruined this week. No gaskets are missing, they just leak. Very disappointed and no longer have my receipt so I'm out the $25 I spent on all three :( Don't buy this model.

    By catlady

    Bought this to replace a bottle that opened in my carry bag for work. Drenched my Kindle and ruined it. This bottle has no problems with leaks or opening inadvertently.

    By Jo

    I purchased this bottle from a retailer, not directly from Contigo. As was the case with other folks who reviewed this bottle, mine starting leaking from day one. I immediately contacted Contigo customer service and they promptly sent me a new top. They must have changed something because it doesn't leak anymore! I'm very happy with Contigo's customer service and love my leak-free bottle!

    By chriss

    Leaked from day one. Came to website and saw reviews, so disappointed in purchase. Will be returning it.

    By Kat

    I purchased two of these bottles back in May 2014 and I gave one away as a gift and my ex husband just took mine. I am currently looking to purchase two more (purple and gray) and i see they are no longer available. After reading the previous comments I must say that I have never had an issue with my bottle leaking. I am just upset that they are no longer available. I did notice that I had to put my seal back a few times but other than that it was smooth sailing for me. Especially since I am pregnant and always thirsty.

    By Mark

    It was good for 3 days and now it leaks. I should have read the review. This is a disappointment because of the sweating during the summer

    By Judy

    I was not a happy camper when I tested the "spill proof." Not only does it leak, but it leaks really bad. Wish I could have gotten my money back because now I have to go buy a different water bottle.

    DON'T BUY!

    By Abrac

    What a waste of my $! I was loving the loo and style of this "Leak proof" water bottle. Dropped it into my work bag where I keep my iPad, files and my borrowed library books. I get into my car and find water everywhere. I figured maybe the bottle was just sweating a lot. Tested it and two leak spots with the water flowing out. 1) the open button & 2) the space between the cap and the drink spot. So disappointed. First time buyer.

    By Goodconsumer13

    This is great if you never move your water bottle from a stationary table. The first day i got it it leaked. I filled up the bottle and tipped it to the side to test the label saying "leak proof" and the thing acted like a cup. I've always heard this to be a good brand but boy was i wrong

    By kathy

    I've bought 2 water bottles from contigo and they are perfectly engineered, durable and no spills. Buy one!

    By Bri

    I run a lot and most water bottles are too small to actually drink out of while working out. This one is great. Thank you for making something that does not require biting, sucking, etc. to get the water for hydration.

    By Patrick

    The design and concept of the lid is great but have had multiple issues with leaks. I purchase 2 of these one for me and my wife. It seems that the gasket comes unseated often on the lid and I have had it not seal and pinch in the lid when it became dislodged. The cove clicked but then went to shake it and water flew allover. The gasket could be a little thicker and secured better to ensure that it doesn't come out. Also little concerned about the hinge being a week point as it secures the carrying ring as well. Few corrections and it would be great. Have 5 different Contigo products and are my favorite manufacture but wanted to provide a honest review of a new product I tried out.

    By Joann

    I love Contigo but this one has a couple of issues. One I am constantly over filling it since I can not tell when it is full, having solid white top neck doesn't allow you to see. Two if you put ice in your drink and you have arthritis you will not be able to open the cap, the seal will be so tight you will have to wait to get a drink. This is about the only time the seal will be that tight. I have also had the lid open when I didn't want it to.

    By Berrie

    I did not realize this was not insulated, and with ice it sweats all over. I like the bottle otherwise, the top is good and being able to put ice cubes is good.

    By Jessica

    This was a waste of $10 ... Needed a water bottle that didn't sweat while I was at work, so found this one. The sticker on the water bottle said 'NO SWEAT' ... Just what I \thought\" I was looking for ... I was wrong. First time filling it up it dripped on my desk and the very little insulation caused it to make my hand wet. Only used this water bottle ONCE. """

    By Naydine

    Would never recommend to anyone. Mine leaked from the first day of purchase. Never fell or any thing. I made sure the top was secure and whenever the bottle tilted it all came out.

    By Quiet1p

    The only issue I have that stopped me from giving it a 5 star rating is the top gasket. Mine has gone missing :-( . It never leaked prior to the gasket running away. Sad, sad day that I can not use my pretty pink bottle!!!!!!!

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Care & Use

Jackson  & Jefferson Water Bottle
Care and Use Instructions
  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • DO NOT overfill.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives, and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT continue to use product if damaged.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.


  • If desired, add ice to body with lid removed.
  • Prior to drinking fill bottle with the lid on.

        Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • For the Jefferson model, it is not neccessary to remove the silicone sleeve from the bottle for washing.
  • Lid and body are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • JeffJack_Care_and_Use_pos2.png
  • If washing by hand, wash body and lid seperately with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best cleaning result, use a Contigo bottle spout brush,
  • ALWAYS STORE BOTTLE WITH LID REMOVED to allow parts to dry completely.
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