14 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Striker Kids Water Bottle with Graphics
Item #: CPSTB100B06

Press to Refresh! Smile, because it's now possible for on-the-go kids and parents to travel spill free. The 14 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Striker Kids Water Bottle features a one-touch lid that pops-up for easy one-handed drinking from a straw.

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Smile, because it’s now possible for on-the-go kids and parents to travel spill free. The 14 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Striker Kids Water Bottle features a one-touch lid that pops-up for easy one-handed drinking from a straw. The AUTOSPOUT plus spill-poof valve eliminates spills and leaks even when the spout is in the open position. Dirt or germs are not a problem, because the AUTOSPOUT has a protective spout cover to keep yuckiness out too. This BPA-free water bottle is Parent Tested Parent Approved, and parents love that the Striker is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Press to Refresh! The AUTOSPOUT® lid features a press-to-release button that opens the drinking spout
  • Spout shield covers and protects the spout when the spout is retracted
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Leak and spill proof
  • BPA-free
  • Ages 3+

Volume: 14 oz.

Dimensions: 3.3" across widest part of lid x 7.8"H x 3.3" diameter at base

Note: When using the water bottle at high altitudes, such as during an airplane flight or when bottle is exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, such as in an enclosed car, twist the lid a quarter turn to relieve pressure, then reseal the lid before use.

Additional Information

Volume 14 oz.
Price $10.99
Width 3.3
Height 7.8
Body Material 100% BPA-Free Plastic
Insulation, Heat No
Insulation, Cold No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body No
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes
Button Lock No
Carrying Clip No

Review Summary

10 Reviews

    By Mom of 2

    I bought a 3 pack of these from Costco about 6-8 months ago. My children LOVE them and use them so much that I bought a second pack. They are chosen over every other brand of water bottle and sippy cup I own. Yes, the straws can be dislodged if they are dropped, so you might not want to use them if you have a young child who drops their cup frequently. That would get annoying. However, for my 3 and 6 year olds they are fine. Occasionally I have to unscrew the lid and push in the straw and rubber piece holding the straw in place, but not frequently enough to mind. Maybe once or twice a week with two bottles being used every day. To me they are worth it. Completely leak proof unless you are using without the straw. We lost a few straws, so if some are in the dishwasher, the kids have opted to use the bottle without the straw. When left open and laying down without a straw in place, they can leak. But I just ordered replacement straws. Nice that they sell them.

    By Momof2Girls

    These cups are not the same design as the autospot adult bottles. These have a faulty design when anytime the bottle is picked up, jostled or moved around, the silicone and straw that connect the cup to the liquid, becomes dislodged and won't work. Everytime my kids need to take a drink, I have to unscrew the lid, replace the straw and silicone and then carefully hand it back to them to take a drink. Definitely a shame for a poor design as my kids wanted the same kind of cup as me, they love hitting the button and taking a drink. Needs a product redesign, for sure!

    By Patty

    I wish I had read the reviews on this cup before purchasing. 9 times out of 10 the straw dislodges from the spout making it useless. It's frustrating to say the least!

    By Cup user

    Bought these cups for my little ones and the first use the straws fell out, completely useless cups...wish I had read reviews before I bought them. Called customer service to see if this was a defect that could be replaced and a VERY rude employee told me I could fill out the "lifetime" garentee request, but they would just send me out the same defective product.... Going to return them and never buy contigo products again.....

    By Talia

    After 2-3 weeks, this bottle lost suction and my son couldn't use it. On top of that, the straw in this bottle just refused to stay in place! I was constantly reattaching it! I had to do the same with the one I bought my daughter! Long story short, love my adult contigo, but the kids version needs serious work. I use a camelback bottle for the kids now. I wish contigo could solve this problem, bc my kids miss pushing the button to open their drinks like mommy and daddy.

    By Nicole

    I bought these for my two kids. Within a week the straws were broken. We ditched the straws and still used the cups for another two weeks when the seal broke on both cups. The entire functionality of this cup depends on a tiny rubber ring. Once that ring breaks or slips out during washing you can throw the cup away. I switched back to the other slight more expensive, but better quality brand and won't be buying any contigo products again.

    By Winnie

    I bought 3 of these for my niece.....within 2 weeks all 3 were broken. Same issue with everyone, the straw breaks off at the connection inside. They are cute but a complete waste of money!

    By kim b

    I bourght this cup in purple for my granddaughter and orange for my grandson, they are 2 & 3. they LOVE them. Today I am ordering one for my 1 yr old granddaughter, she keeps taking her cousins' cup to drink out of. Easy to use for them and easy to clean for me.


    We own about 10 of the kids and adult bottles. They are the first spill proof water bottles that actually are spill proof. Even if you leave them open and they and left on their side it still does not leak. Toddler approved!!!

    By Cindy

    Bought for school my son used for about a week and part of the straw broke off inside so he is not able to use any more.

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Care & Use

  • Not for use with hot, carbonated, pulpy or perishable beverages.
  • Not intended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Do not microwave or freeze.
  • Do not use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT continue to use if damaged.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquid in bags to help prevent accidental opening.


  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • RINSE LID IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH USE with warm water and spout in the open position.
  • Remove straw for best results.
  • With underside of lid facing up, pull up on straw holder and valve assembly to separate from spout.

  • Then wash lid in top rack of dishwasher, or soak lid for 10 minutes in hot, soapy tap water.
  • A CONTIGO brush (available at can be used to clean the spout
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Reassemble the lid prior to use. Insert valve assembly into spout, straw holder into valve assembly, and straw into straw holder. Push straw up as far as possible to nest correctly into lid.
  • Bodies are top-rack dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent and then rinsed thoroughly.

  • ALWAYS STORE PRODUCT WITH LID REMOVED and spout in open position to allow parts to dry completely.


    • Do not pull or rotate the spout shield as it may cause damage to the lid.
    • Silicone drink spout is not removable.
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