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Press to Refresh™ - Addison wants you to keep your eyes on the task at hand. Whether you’re walking the dog or on the treadmill, you can relax knowing Addison only takes one hand to operate. With a leak-proof lid, you can set it down and continue on without worrying about leaks.

  • Volume: 24
  • Price: $12.99
  • Width: 3.3
  • Height: 10.8
  • Body Material: 100% BPA-free materials
  • Insulation, Heat: No
  • Insulation, Cold: No
  • AUTOSEAL® lid: No
  • AUTOSPOUT® lid: Yes
  • Carrying Clip: No
  • Button Lock: No
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe body: Yes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe lid: Yes
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Tech Talk

    Lend a Hand – Easy one-handed drinking with no lids to remove or lose

    Eyes Up – Keep your eyes on the task at hand with the convenient pop up straw on this AUTOSPOUT® lid

    Seal It In – Leak-proof lid (when closed) for on-the-go convenience

    Cleaner Drinking – Protective spout cover keeps out gross dirt and germs

    Measure Up – Convenient volume markings for easy measuring and tracking

    Perfect Fit – Fits most car cup holders

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe lid and body

    All Contigo products are BPA free, have a limited lifetime guarantee and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators who have your mobility in mind.

Product Reviews


Posted on 3/30/2016 by Ana

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I have dropped this water bottle time after time and it still has not broke. It never ever leaked before. My mom and brother both got one after me. They also have had no problem whatsoever. They have had no problems either. I plan on buying one for my friend because this would be perfect for her! I am so glad I decided to buy this water bottle the day I saw it.
Great Product

Posted on 3/23/2016 by Christina

Bought it at my local supermarket. Much better than expected. I love clicking it back into place!

Posted on 3/6/2016 by Stef

Good price,design was good as long as it lasted which was a few months! The plastic ring on the inside of the cap keeps coming out and without that ring it leaks everywhere! I really liked the bottle so I fixed it the first time and it kept happening ! Now it is in the trash waste of money! They should resign the plastic rings for sure.
Not consistent

Posted on 2/12/2016 by Sam S

This product is not consistent enough when manufactured. I bought a water bottle like this from contigo at one target, and then I ended up losing it so I went to another target and bought the same model and color. Within using it twice, I realized that it was leaking from where the button on the top is (I don't understand how) and now it will do it spontaneously and every time I drink from it, water leaks out the button. Tried contacting contigo to get my year warranty as it was faulty when bought, and didn't hear anything back. Greatly disappointed.
Not a fan.

Posted on 2/8/2016 by Lisa

I had this product for about 7 months, never washed it in the dishwasher - i constantly had problems with the straw. I could not get the straw to function properly.... This product is not leak-proof at all and recently i discovered the entire piece attached the straw was ripped and broken. I took it out to check and discovered it was completely demolished. Not happy with this product at all.
not train proof

Posted on 2/7/2016 by lebsai

had one for a four years. then it fell on the train tracks and i was sad.
I like it

Posted on 1/21/2016 by Brittany

I first bought the 32 oz about 3 years ago and loved it, but it was too heavy to carry around all day. I purchased the 24 oz a little over a year ago and love it. I've dropped these bottles multiple times on every surface you could imagine and they are still going strong with no leaks. The both have a few battle scars, but work like new. I'll never buy a different brand/style.

Also, I noticed a lot of bottles I had bought before these always tasted like plastic. These do not!
suction noise

Posted on 1/20/2016 by Shiran

When stop drinking there's a horrible sound of "suction".

Posted on 1/19/2016 by Nicole

Lots of kids at my school have this water bottle and I really loved how the bottle had a way to cover the mouthpiece from getting dirty. I finally went and got it around Christmas last year and have used it nearly everyday since -- and have never experienced any of the squirting or leaking some other reviews mention. This is by far my favorite water bottle I've gotten and will buy again!
Poor Quality

Posted on 1/8/2016 by Jess

The straw stopped working and all I suck in is air now. I have also had issues with the spout shooting water out of it. Thought it would last much longer than this.

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