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If you’re like us, your West Loop probably goes everywhere. So go ahead and get an extra lid, make it easy on yourself.

Item # CPLID100C01

  • One Size
  • Volume: No
  • Price: $7.00

Tech Talk

    Peace of Mind – This lid is completely BPA-free

    Our Lids Are Sealed – The AUTOSEAL® technology engineered into this lid makes it both spill- and leak-proof (Yes, there is a difference) – It knows when to close™

    Lend a Hand – Easy one-handed drinking with the push of a button

    Squeaky Clean – Easy clean lid flips completely open for an extra squeaky clean with no parts to take apart or misplace

    Lock It Up – Button lock for added peace of mind

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe

    Matching Partner – This lid is engineered to any size AUTOSEAL® West Loop Travel Mug (16 oz., 20 oz. 24 oz.)

    All Contigo products are BPA free, have a limited lifetime guarantee and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators who have your mobility in mind.

Product Reviews

A real solution

Posted on 5/29/2015 by Dan

The mug is great, the lid is innovative. Where else will you find a travel mug that works this well and you can hold upside down? As to those of you that have issues with gunk build up, try putting the lid in the dishwasher. Top shelf works fine, and no gunk.
Not so easy to clean

Posted on 5/19/2015 by CoreyT

This easy-clean thing is not quite as good as it sounds. Yes the internals come out pretty far so you can get a brush or sponge deep in there. Unfortunately both mine and my wife's lid have started building up some sort of grey gunk inside the the lid (in the spring especially) and on the threads on the outside of the lid. I assume it's a nice combo of congealed cream and whatnot, but it's gross and looks terribly unhealthy.

If there were a way to remove the internals to clean them periodically that would be nice.
lid hisses

Posted on 4/29/2015 by Zman

I'm on my third lid for my 24oz mug. The original one was the old style, the two replacements are this newer Easy-Clean style. I use my mug in my home office and pour the liquid into a double-walled glass cup. Within 20 seconds of pouring it in, the lid starts hissing in bits and spurts and is incredibly annoying. New lids have not fixed the problem. I think I have to give up on this mug and go back to my Stanley - it keeps the beverage hotter for longer, doesn't leak and doesn't hiss.

Posted on 4/18/2015 by wheel

I have used these travel mugs for years. The first lid design was very robust and leak proof! Since they have changed the lid 3 times now, each time the lids are more and more fragile! Granted the first lids were troublesome to clean but you could drop the mug out of a third story window and not have to worry. Now if the mug falls over the plastic breaks!! Maybe this is just a new ploy to buy more replacement lids? They should be able to come up with a design that is easier to clean yet durable. The mugs do keep your beverage hot or cold for very long periods of time, a reason why I like this product but for the price I think I will look elsewhere for a more durable mug!
New lid design is terrible

Posted on 4/16/2015 by tolvac

The New lid design leaks from the lock and releases steam when unlocked.
The older design allowed the steam to escape from the mouth piece and never leaked.this New design is flawed and potentially dangerous.

Posted on 4/15/2015 by Dudekatz

I love all of the Contigo mugs but this is the lid for the 24oz mug and if you're using ice, the tiny pieces get stuck in the mouthpiece and break the seal! I'm SO disappointed and embarrassed because one time mine leaked on my seat on a train!! Everybody had a laugh with that!
Awesome and Easy to Clean

Posted on 3/30/2015 by DM

I can't thank Contigo enough for making this genius lid easy to clean. It's such a smart mechanism! The lid seals great and we've never had any issues even when we've knocked over our travel mug. It's always contained the contents perfectly. Please make more colors red, white, silver/grey…..We'd like to replace our other Contigo travel mug lids!
Just a hint.

Posted on 3/28/2015 by Ken

I don't have a review but a hint to clean the old type lid. Just get some amonia mix it with hot water 1/3 amonia and 2/3 hot water and then seal it and turn it upside down next day all clean.
New lids

Posted on 3/26/2015 by Kristen

I love the new design of the lids so they can be cleaned easier. But, there is something about the opening to drink from that's different than the old one. It sprays out the spout every time I take a sip, like the shape is different or something. I end up with coffee splatters on the front of my shirt all the time now!!! I don't know why the shape of the mouth piece changed but it definitely did and it's definitely bad!!
Very Sad

Posted on 3/23/2015 by Mouse

I love my contigo mug but the lids, like another reviewer commented, get that moldy stuff inside and it is eventually impossible to clean. I do not understand why I should have to pay $7 for a replacement lid when I should be able to clean my mug so the buildup will not cause the moldy stuff to form.

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