AUTOSEAL West Loop Easy-Clean Lid
Item #: CPLID100C01

This easy-clean lid fits the 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mugs.

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This easy-clean lid fits the 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mugs.

  • Newly designed lid pivots open for easy cleaning
  • New lid-lock prevents the AUTOSEAL® button from accidently being pushed while on-the-go
  • Patented AUTOSEAL lid automatically seals between sips to prevent leaks and spills
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe lid; 100% BPA free

Review Summary

10 Reviews

    By None

    I originally tried to order this lid right when it first came on the market under a special promotion - 25% or something in that area off. They were sold out and I was basically told, too bad. I wanted to purchase a 20 oz travel mug with the new lid but did not see this option. I contacted Customer Service twice with questions and have never received a response. However, after reading these reviews will not bother with the new lid. I will make do with the old lid which does get disgusting as I drink mochas. A tip is to flush out the lid thoroughly while holding down the button. Then fill the mug with water with lid on and shake shake shake. Pour out. Repeat several times. Sometimes I soak the lid overnight and then do this. I put up with this because I love the fact that the mug is truly leak free and keeps liquids either hot or cold for long periods of time. I just ordered some cleaning brushes and will give that a try.

    By Cheryl

    Yes -- I too have come back to purchase a replacement lid after being on wait list and found that they had increased the price. I can understand price increases but I think that those of us who were on wait list should be honored the rate that it was when we were wait listed. I hope that it is worth it, I have enjoyed the mugs but the funk that builds up - hopefully these will work as well and be easier to keep clean!

    By deniseP

    I bought these cups as a 2 pack from Costco. I am on my 3rd set. the first 2 were good, but the last set with the "easy clean" lid lasted less than 3 months before the seal broke. going to order new lids to see if I have better luck!

    By Donna

    ~~Boy that does not seem fair to hike the price while a customer is on waitlist for this item. It was $6 when I went on waitlist because it sold out!!. Not good customer service...

    By SoFloMomma

    I purchased my original Contigo mug a very long time ago, and loved it as-is, with the exception of not being able to fully clean it. This open access lid makes me supremely happy. Being able to purchase extras for my existing mug makes me even more extremely happy. One word of advice, handle the mechanism inside gently, as the little spring could pop out.

    By Jo

    I love this lid! I use cream in my coffee and this lid is so easy to clean. I would never use any other lid.

    By Greg

    After waiting for weeks for the new easy-clean lid to come back into stock, last week I finally ordered and received one lid. My old lid tended to grow disgusting stuff inside which the dishwasher couldn't get at (had to use a WaterPik). This one looks to be a lot better.

    However, today I come to order one as a gift for someone and I see they've already raised the price from what it was a week ago. I'm going to order it anyway, but that was a little bit of a bummer.

    By Poor lid design

    Initially when I purchased the Contigo series of cups, I was nuts about them. They kept my hot drinks hot for hours and cold drinks cold even longer. Unfortunately, I do not drink my coffee black and there in lies the problem. The button that is depressed to dispense the drink from the cup is connected to a piston like mechanism. Though the easy clean lid makes it a lot easier to clean the lid, if you drink milky drinks, protein drinks, or even just coffee with cream, simply invert the lid, depress the "flow button" and look carefully at the "piston-like" button from the inside of the lid. My lid has a white piston and when you depress it, you will see the grime that lines that button. Before the easy clean lid was brought to market, when I soaked and rinsed the lid out, after soaking I would discover caked on grime coming out of the lid. Now with the new lid there is less grime but the piston, which is now black instead of white, still harbors "junk". If you are going to drink water or liquids that are thin, this might still work for you but if you like cream in your coffee, I would try a different cup or at least do not use the lid.

    By Coskypilot

    Please add COLOR.
    My husband loves your cups, but sometimes he gets upset at me thinking I have his lid?? OHHHH So wish you had PINK again. I miss being able to know 100% they are MY lids. They are wonderful! Even got my company to finally purchase some from you. NEED COLOR. Thank you again BEST Lids (on the go cups ever!)

    By Rachel

    I have a Contigo travel mug with open-access lid. The mug fell from my hands and the lid split apart. Because I love this mug, and it's the only one I had, I immediately got online with and ordered a new lid. This easy clean lid is fantastic! I had a hard time getting my open access lid clean. This lid is completely different (cleaning)! The easy-clean has a hinge which it opens on and stays snapped into an open position for easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher. I like it so much, I recommend it to everyone I meet. I also purchased a few more mugs (with easy-clean lids) to avoid being without my mug again!

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