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This lid fits the 16 oz. and 20 oz. AUTOSEAL Astor Stainless Travel Mug. These Travel Mugs mentioned above are the only AUTOSEAL Stainless Travel Mugs that have a button that slides downward to lock, preventing the button from being accidentally pressed when not in use. If your mug does not currently have a button that slides down to lock, this lid will not fit your mug. Replacement lid is only available in charcoal.

Review Summary

19 Reviews

    By Josh

    Both lids started leaking within a few months. When i inspected the lids i noticed that pieces of the seal were gone on both of them. I love the mugs but I expect the seals to last longer than a few months.

    By tina

    I received a thermos as a gift with the easy clean astor lid. I thought it would be great, but the first time I tried to use it it leaked through the autoseal button. I was looking forward to this one because my original autoseal thermos is the one before they made the easy clean lifting tab. Great thermos, but hard to clean lid. I will return to the retailer for an exchange. Hopefully the next one will be better.

    By PaulB

    For keeping beverages hot, these are Ideal. However, the lid is lacking in durability. For hose that have the older ones, soak in hot water and blow thru the drinking section to get the crud out, especially if you use creamer. Two of our lids have racked and leak. never have they been dropped. The newest one is only 2months old. Like another reviewer said "the pro's out-weight the con's".

    By tim

    I have purchased at least 4 contigo's . The lids break very easily.

    By Rambie

    Over the years, we've bought two sets of Contigo from Costco. We love them for keeping out coffee warm much longer than any other mugs and no-spill lids for driving to work. However, the lids are more fragile than I'd like but pros outweigh the cons.

    By deniseP

    these cups are great , but the lids on this model are not good. I've had both cups from costco and this one lasted less than 3 months!

    By Isabel+Regnant

    By far the best travel mug I have ever owned. The lid is a little difficult to clean but I've found a toothbrush works pretty well getting into the small corners. I've dropped the mug at least three times and everything still fits together fine. The plastic of the lid was a little scuffed from the drops but a file helped smooth them out.
    Use: 5days/wk for tea, coffee, water
    Always hand washed - no dishwasher :(
    Almost no leakage but never very much. When it does leak it is from the vent in the lid or because I didn't put the lid on right.

    By G

    I agree with all the other reviews, I had 6 of these contigo mugs, and 3 of these lids leak. The lid has two main parts, and the one that screws onto the mug separates from its base easily and then the seal is gone and it leaks. When it begins to leak, you can pull up on the lid piece and it comes up and apart from the lid base.

    By CaseyS

    I love these cups. It is 5 he only one I have found to keep my drinks hot/cold for hours. My problem with them though is the toughness to clean. The dishwasher can't even get everything. I have had my cup for 9 months and it is now starting to leak even when it is locked. Not impressed when it says it won't leak.

    By Tom

    I've used these mugs for years to keep my Dr. Pepper and Ice. Often I get the whole day on one load where the pop still has gas and is cold. The problem is always the same. The O-ring that seals the lid is cut by the sharp stainless steel cup and immediately starts leaking. This has to be a known problem. I've asked for a replacement O-ring, under guarantee, and the company answers that they need pictures and such to honor the guarantee. For a 10 sent item they should just send it rather than making a federal case out of a known problem.

    By frank438

    We bought two sets of these, and one set of two water bottles with a metal body from Costco. As other indicate, the lid can be hard to clean, but the leakage issue I don't get. I have had minor leaks, but that was from overfilling before putting the lid on.

    We only wash these by hand, and every couple of weeks I try to soak the lids in bleach water or vinegar water to get a funky smell and taste out of the plastic. I run into this issue with any reused plastic item however. Very happy with my cups!

    By Benito42

    These mugs are awesome and durable, but the lids are a pain to clean. So far soaking in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide gets the funk out but even then you need to drain them just right or you get water in the top portion of the lid. The lids have a gap that separates the sealed portion from just the standard plastic bit, if you look at the front of your lid near the button you will see said gap, well drying these upside down means you get water in that part that smells mildew-esque when it seeps back out and down the outer side of the cup. The seals also give way under dishwasher heat. I only wish the lids sucked less to keep clean; I would suggest a two part lid, one that seals the top of the mug and one that you can un-screw and address the top crevice and the inner funk. Nice concept, definite lack of long term testing shown.

    By Lu

    I have two of these mugs & both if the lids leak & they are horrible to clean. Thinking about getting the new lid, they maybe easier to clean& hopefully will not smell

    By Chivis

    I got the mug like six months ago and the lid last 3. I don't recommend it. or just buy an extra lid for $12.00 to $15.00

    By Mark90278

    I have had several Contigo Stainless autoseal mugs. If you fill with hot water and shake you will not have the cleaning problems at all. Just rinse...and shake. Now, I have use these so much i do need a new lid because it's just old. Never had one leak.

    By Nate

    We bought three 10 months ago and LOVE them. I use mine every day for several cups of coffee. Just today the o-ring on the lid started to crack and the lid now leaks a little bit. I would like to just buy a new o-ring but looks like they only sell lids. The lids seem overpriced at $7.00 when I can buy a new mug for $10. Still love the product.

    By Emily

    I have not had a cleaning problem but I also don't leave coffee in my mug for days. To clean, I simply put in some really hot soapy water, close the lid, shake, hold upside down and depress lid.The built up pressure from the hot water blows the hot soapy water rough the small vent holes and drinking opening. I do this at work where I don't have a dish washer. I'm also happy to see that Contigo has responded and made an easier to clean lid.

    By Jason

    These mugs are great for about 3 months, then the oring in the lid breaks due to the somewhat sharpness at the top of the mug, but you cant buy the easy to change o ring, therefore you are stuck buying a new lid every three months. Unfortunately my $100 supply of contigo travel mugs and lids are now worthless. YOU NEED TO SEEL THE O-RINGS. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND.


    I only washed the lid on the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand and the black portions of the lid began to disintegrate and black bits began to get into my drinks and every time I rinsed the lid after this began more black bits came out. I no longer use the mug because I don't want to swallow something black that gets into my coffee.

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