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It knows when to close™ - This larger capacity Grace is here to lend you a hand and encourage you to drink more water. Specially engineered for an easy one-hand drinking experience, its ergonomic handle has a comfy grip and its body is made with ultra-durable, shatter resistant plastic.

  • Volume: 32
  • Price: $12.99
  • Width: 3.5"
  • Height: 10.5"
  • Body Material: 100% BPA-free Tritan
  • Insulation, Heat: No
  • Insulation, Cold: No
  • AUTOSEAL® lid: Yes
  • AUTOSPOUT® lid: No
  • Carrying Clip: No
  • Button Lock: No
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe body: Yes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe lid: Yes
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Tech Talk

    Our Lids Are Sealed – AUTOSEAL® technology is leak and spill proof (Yes there is a difference!)

    Lend a Hand – Easy one-handed drinking with the push of a button

    Carry On – Carry loop for on-the-go activities

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe lid and body

    All Contigo products are BPA free, have a limited lifetime guarantee and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators who have your mobility in mind.

Product Reviews

Superior construction

Posted on 7/27/2015 by Rebecca

I have had the Grace water bottle for almost two years now. I absolutely love it! I use it daily at work (I am a ApE teacher and we have class outside), i use it at the gym as well. I have dropped it a few times at school or at the gym and absolutely nothing happens to it. The incredible thing is, I ride a moped and traveling down the road at 35mph it has popped out of my cup holder when I have hit a big bump in the road. Then it goes tumbling down the street. When I go get it, the bottle itself may have a scratch or two (very much just on the surface) but nothing is broken. The lid is pretty beat up but now I know you can purchase replacement lids all is great!!! These bottles really are the toughest I have ever used.
Defective lids

Posted on 3/29/2015 by FEDOR G.O.A.T.

I have purchased two of these bottle in the past year from Amazon and both have had defective lids that leaked. They were not dropped and washed only in warm water in the sink.. Great design and sturdy bottle, too bad the lids are poorly made.
Love the bottle hate the tendinitis!

Posted on 1/21/2015 by patti

I drink a lot, all day everyday (usually 5 or 6 bottles) This bottle is great however, I started getting tendinitis in my finger :( My husband thought I was nuts, heck I thought I was nuts! But after I stopped using it my tendinitis went away. It's a shame because I love the bottle. It doesn't leak even when thrown in a tennis bag.
Awesome cup but….

Posted on 11/14/2014 by Jami

This is a awesome cup and I love it. I drink a lot of water so the 32ounce is just for me! Only problem is it does not fit in my cup holder in my car.. The other Contigo bottles I have do but this does not. Its such a bummer. I wish they made the 32 ounce with a little thinner bottom. :)
love my contigo!

Posted on 10/28/2014 by jfind

its such a convenient water bottle! i love it, as an on the go student who carries it in my backpack with my laptop, its never leaked or spilled! thanks conitgo!
Very impressed.

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Bethany

I've had this water bottle for about a year and I love it. I particularly like that it is 32oz because I keep it on my night stand and don't run out of water though out the night. I used to keep a glass of water there but we have.a cat that feels a need to tip it over every night. I was very surprised by the quality of the bottle after purchasing it. It's very durable and is SO MUCH easier to drink out of when laying in bed. I don't even have to sit up all the way. A+ work contigo! Haha
Best by far

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Tommy Lee

I go through water bottles like they're going out of style. This is so easy to use and holds a hefty 32 oz. No internal straw to mess with and the push button access doesn't wear out over time (I've had mine for over a year and use it every day). \Grace\" is the perfect name for this handsome and practical bottle."""
auto spout water bottle seal

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Jennie

I much prefer Contigo water bottles to those of the camel back. The camel back always end up leaking where as the contigo have yet to fail me! there was a slight problem where i had to replace my water bottle that was only a few months old because the rubber seal in the lid popped out and i cannot get it back in causing the bottle to leak :/ other than that i would highly recommend this water bottle
Needs More Work

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Marsea

I like the concept of this bottle, however the finger strength needed to push the button in the back to open for drinking is a little more than I bargained for. Sometimes it requires two hands to push the button, which looks kind of ridiculous while drinking. A little more work, and this bottle will be perfect.
pretty good

Posted on 10/28/2014 by apexrox

I got this bottle from Walmart mine didn't last long but my boy friends lasted over a year and we got some for the family last year and they still have it... mine leaked Cruz I put pop in it and carbonation will do that ...ID highly recommend this bottle

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