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Press to Refresh™ - Addison wants you to keep your eyes on the task at hand. Whether you’re walking the dog or on the treadmill, you can relax knowing this larger capacity Addison only takes one hand to operate. With a leak-proof lid, you can set it down and continue on without worrying about leaks.

Item # CPADB100B03

  • Volume: 32
  • Price: $14.99
  • Width: 3.2"
  • Height: 9.5"
  • Body Material: 100% BPA-free Tritan
  • Insulation, Heat: No
  • Insulation, Cold: No
  • AUTOSEAL® lid: No
  • AUTOSPOUT® lid: Yes
  • Carrying Clip: No
  • Button Lock: No
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe body: Yes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe lid: Yes
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Tech Talk

    Lend a Hand – Easy one-handed drinking with no lids to remove or lose

    Eyes Up – Keep your eyes on the task at hand with the convenient pop up straw on this AUTOSPOUT® lid

    Seal It In – Leak-proof lid (when closed) for on-the-go convenience

    Cleaner Drinking – Protective spout cover keeps out gross dirt and germs

    Measure Up – Convenient volume markings for easy measuring and tracking

    Perfect Fit – Fits most car cup holders

    Clean Up – Top rack dishwasher safe lid and body

    All Contigo products are BPA free, have a limited lifetime guarantee and are designed by passionate inventors and innovators who have your mobility in mind.

Product Reviews

Waste of money

Posted on 7/28/2015 by cmurphy

I purchased this bottle on Saturday and used it for the first time the following Monday. I'm unable to get any water from the straw without sucking hard, at which point it makes an annoying whistling sound. Fortunately, I have an office and can close my door, but this bottle will be USELESS when working out at the gym.The concept is an excellent idea . . . .the product is CRAP! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
good bottle with a few drawbacks

Posted on 7/27/2015 by tulipdragon

No bottle is going to be perfect for everyone. I agree with some of the reviews here - it loudly whistles when you drink from it, announcing to all those within earshot "I'm drinking some water now!". It flings water in your face when you open it one-handed (I usually use my other hand to stop the spout from flipping open quickly). And if you don't open it up to release the pressure before removing the top/straw combo before refilling it, you get a spray of water all over the ground. That's not really a design flaw, though. Just physics. I haven't had the rubber seal problems others seem to have had. I like that I can keep track of my water intake on a daily basis and it's wide enough to get a cleaning brush into the neck. My one big complaint, though, is that it's too wide to fit in a standard car cup holder. I usually end up balancing it on the passenger seat, where it inevitably falls over, out of reach (good thing it's water tight when closed!). Other than that, I actually like this bottle and I've been using it for about a year now.
Almost Not Bad

Posted on 7/14/2015 by Joe

I've had this water bottle for 2 years. The handle, the easy of use, and the capacity (32oz) are all PERFECT.

However, there are a few crippling drawbacks. During my 2 years of ownership I've endured getting soaked when I open the AutoSpout, at least weekly, if not daily. My friend once told me it made his day to see me get soaked by my water bottle.
It also whistles loudly (I have to drink at strategic times when I'm in class or other quiet environments.) It has finally started to lose suction (only sometimes...)

Unlike many reviewers here, I've used and abused this water bottle for 2 years. It still works, but it's on its last leg. It's almost time to say goodbye... and "Hello" to a different brand of water bottle, in hopes of finding some superior technology that works in practice, not just on paper (yes, I'm talking to my fellow engineers.)
Needs better design for rubber seal

Posted on 6/25/2015 by BearlyAngels

This one would have been rated top notch and was the best I have ever had except for one thing. The rubber seal inside the cap comes out and you can't get it back in. It's like it is too small for the spot it goes. Contacted Customer Service and they did send me a new cap. But after almost a couple of weeks rubber seal came out. Redesign and make the seal easier to replace and you will get all the stars you want from me.

Posted on 6/25/2015 by KITTYMOM

I have had this water bottle for about 6 months and have not had ANY problems with it. I LOVE it! It is one of the best purchases I have ever made! It works great and I'm drinking more water because of it. I plan on getting more as gifts. I LOVE THIS BOTTLE!!!
Great, no problems

Posted on 6/10/2015 by Waterbaby

I've been using this water bottle for over two years. I've never had a problem with it, I'm honestly stunned that it doesn't have better reviews. Hands down best purchase I've made in a long time. I've been able to monitor my water intake (and subsequently become a weight watchers lifetime member!) and when I'm at work I can type and drink at the same time because of the straw.

Great product, will definitely buy again.
Poor design

Posted on 6/3/2015 by Lory

I have had this bottle for less than a month and paid a fair amount of money. When using this it makes a whistling sound. This is very annoying, especially in the office. I also detect an odor coming from the spout. I would never buy this one again.
Worked for a day

Posted on 6/1/2015 by Heather

This product worked correctly the first time I drank water out of it. The next day, all I get when I try to drink is air. If I open the cap and push the rubber thing back in, I can get one good sip. The next sip...air. Total waste of money.
water fountain

Posted on 5/25/2015 by all wet

This bottle is best for camping, work, home use and travel. The only problem is when the outside temperature rises and heats up the liquid inside, you open the spout to get a drink, get ready for a hose job. It's only funny after a few times. the lid does not work in high temperatures.
Doesn't last long

Posted on 5/13/2015 by Heather

I bought three of this water bottle originally. One for myself and each of my sons. Very quickly, both of the boys' water bottles lost suction (as if there was a hole somewhere along the autospout) I chalked it up to them both being little and rough. Within a couple of months mine did the same thing. Foolishly, I bought a replacement, thinking I must have washed it wrong or too much. The new one lasted about 4 months with me only washing it weekly. When that one started doing the same thing, I figured it was time to upgrade from the 24 oz size to 32 oz as i was expecting a new baby and drinuking tons of I bought ANOTHER one. It lasted about 2 months with me being extra gentle and only handwashing it once weekly. I have officially determined that this is NOT my error, but clearly a flaw in design. The comparable Camelbak brand bottle comes in the same sizes but sells replacement spouts, as their spout is removable for washing and seems more durable. Just so everyone knows - it's probably a better option.

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