32 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Addison Water Bottle
Item #: CPADB100B03

Press to Refresh! This AUTOSPOUT® Addison Water Bottle features a touch-button spout for easy one-handed drinking from a straw.

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Press to Refresh! The 32 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Addison Water Bottle features a one-touch-button spout release for easy one-handed drinking from a straw. When the spout is not in use, the built-in spout shield keeps it clean. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, and the body is made with durable BPA-free Tritan materials. It has been said that improved hydration increases productivity. It has also been said that a water bottle is a good way to hydrate.This water bottle is engineered to be top-rack dishwasher safe for easy care.


  • Press to Refresh! The AUTOSPOUT® lid features a press-to-release button that opens the drinking spout
  • One-handed water bottle operation
  • Spout shield covers and protects the spout when the spout is retracted
  • Two-finger handle features soft grip for comfort
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

Volume: 32 oz.

Dimensions: 3.9" across widest point of lid x 9.5" tall to the top of the handle x 3.4" diameter at base


Note: When using the water bottle at high altitudes, such as during an airplane flight or when bottle is exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, such as in an enclosed car, twist the lid a quarter turn to relieve pressure, then reseal the lid before use.

Additional Information

Volume 32 oz.
Price $14.99
Width 3.2"
Height 9.5"
Body Material 100% BPA-free Tritan
Insulation, Heat No
Insulation, Cold No
Carrying Clip No
Button Lock No
Top-rack dishwasher safe body Yes
Top-rack dishwasher safe lid Yes

Review Summary

65 Reviews

    By cmurphy

    I purchased this bottle on Saturday and used it for the first time the following Monday. I'm unable to get any water from the straw without sucking hard, at which point it makes an annoying whistling sound. Fortunately, I have an office and can close my door, but this bottle will be USELESS when working out at the gym.The concept is an excellent idea . . . .the product is CRAP! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

    By tulipdragon

    No bottle is going to be perfect for everyone. I agree with some of the reviews here - it loudly whistles when you drink from it, announcing to all those within earshot "I'm drinking some water now!". It flings water in your face when you open it one-handed (I usually use my other hand to stop the spout from flipping open quickly). And if you don't open it up to release the pressure before removing the top/straw combo before refilling it, you get a spray of water all over the ground. That's not really a design flaw, though. Just physics. I haven't had the rubber seal problems others seem to have had. I like that I can keep track of my water intake on a daily basis and it's wide enough to get a cleaning brush into the neck. My one big complaint, though, is that it's too wide to fit in a standard car cup holder. I usually end up balancing it on the passenger seat, where it inevitably falls over, out of reach (good thing it's water tight when closed!). Other than that, I actually like this bottle and I've been using it for about a year now.

    By Joe

    I've had this water bottle for 2 years. The handle, the easy of use, and the capacity (32oz) are all PERFECT.

    However, there are a few crippling drawbacks. During my 2 years of ownership I've endured getting soaked when I open the AutoSpout, at least weekly, if not daily. My friend once told me it made his day to see me get soaked by my water bottle.
    It also whistles loudly (I have to drink at strategic times when I'm in class or other quiet environments.) It has finally started to lose suction (only sometimes...)

    Unlike many reviewers here, I've used and abused this water bottle for 2 years. It still works, but it's on its last leg. It's almost time to say goodbye... and "Hello" to a different brand of water bottle, in hopes of finding some superior technology that works in practice, not just on paper (yes, I'm talking to my fellow engineers.)

    By BearlyAngels

    This one would have been rated top notch and was the best I have ever had except for one thing. The rubber seal inside the cap comes out and you can't get it back in. It's like it is too small for the spot it goes. Contacted Customer Service and they did send me a new cap. But after almost a couple of weeks rubber seal came out. Redesign and make the seal easier to replace and you will get all the stars you want from me.


    I have had this water bottle for about 6 months and have not had ANY problems with it. I LOVE it! It is one of the best purchases I have ever made! It works great and I'm drinking more water because of it. I plan on getting more as gifts. I LOVE THIS BOTTLE!!!

    By Waterbaby

    I've been using this water bottle for over two years. I've never had a problem with it, I'm honestly stunned that it doesn't have better reviews. Hands down best purchase I've made in a long time. I've been able to monitor my water intake (and subsequently become a weight watchers lifetime member!) and when I'm at work I can type and drink at the same time because of the straw.

    Great product, will definitely buy again.

    By Lory

    I have had this bottle for less than a month and paid a fair amount of money. When using this it makes a whistling sound. This is very annoying, especially in the office. I also detect an odor coming from the spout. I would never buy this one again.

    By Heather

    This product worked correctly the first time I drank water out of it. The next day, all I get when I try to drink is air. If I open the cap and push the rubber thing back in, I can get one good sip. The next sip...air. Total waste of money.

    By all wet

    This bottle is best for camping, work, home use and travel. The only problem is when the outside temperature rises and heats up the liquid inside, you open the spout to get a drink, get ready for a hose job. It's only funny after a few times. the lid does not work in high temperatures.

    By Heather

    I bought three of this water bottle originally. One for myself and each of my sons. Very quickly, both of the boys' water bottles lost suction (as if there was a hole somewhere along the autospout) I chalked it up to them both being little and rough. Within a couple of months mine did the same thing. Foolishly, I bought a replacement, thinking I must have washed it wrong or too much. The new one lasted about 4 months with me only washing it weekly. When that one started doing the same thing, I figured it was time to upgrade from the 24 oz size to 32 oz as i was expecting a new baby and drinuking tons of I bought ANOTHER one. It lasted about 2 months with me being extra gentle and only handwashing it once weekly. I have officially determined that this is NOT my error, but clearly a flaw in design. The comparable Camelbak brand bottle comes in the same sizes but sells replacement spouts, as their spout is removable for washing and seems more durable. Just so everyone knows - it's probably a better option.

    By Wendy

    I bought this water bottle thinking it would be perfect for work. It is very noisy and when you open the spout it will randomly spit at you. The seal does not last at all and eventually the water bottle lid did not even stay screwed on. I spent way too much money on a water bottle that it worse than anything I have purchased at the dollar store.

    By Cheryl

    I bought this bottle because it helps me keep track of my water intake, which is very important when live in the desert.
    I have not experienced any of the problems listed in previous comments.
    It would be nice if it were a little narrower so it would fit in the car cupholders. It does fit in one of mine, but not the other.
    I would love to see this bottle in some fun colors!!! ♥️

    By KLMH

    I have bought 2 of these bottles. They both had the little rubber piece fall out after 30 days. I did not wash it any crazy way or anything. I wanted a 32 oz bottle bc I am a Nursing mom and I need to drink a lot of water. It was a great bottle when it worked. I do wish it fit in my cup holders, but that is the least of my worries when the lids keep breaking.I have just submitted a claim about this it seems I am not the only one having the same problem.

    By Judy

    When I first purchased this bottle I loved it but about 1 month later the rubber seal in the lid came loose and now leaks. I will buy another brand next time.

    By disappointed

    the black rubber ring falls out everytime I open the bottle!!! would never recommend this product.

    By Teka81

    I bought this water bottle for the fluid capacity, straw, autospout, and one-handed drinking features. Unfortunately, 3mos after receiving the water bottle, it started leaking from the lid, water started shooting out at me when I would press the button to reveal the straw... I can't count the number of times my shirt or pants were soaked while driving in my car. Then, it lost suction and I couldn't get water out. It would gurgle like there was an air leak somewhere in the lid. It took Contigo over a month to send me a replacement lid... and they didn't even send a matching lid. I purchased a BLUE water bottle with a BLUE lid & they sent me a black one. I contacted Contigo trying to get the correct color lid sent... the one I paid for... but never heard back from them. One month later, the lid was leaking again... soon after it began gurgling again. This product is not worth all the lost time trying to get things fixed or replaced. I thought having a large capacity water bottle would be great for living a warm/hot desert area, but it hasn't... it doesn't even fit in a cup holder, which means I have to lay it down on my passenger seat... where it leaks. It's no longer usable and given my experience, it's clear Contigo doesn't put their customers first. I have since purchased another brand water bottle.

    By Disappointed

    I loved this bottle when I first bought it. I took it everywhere and used it non stop. The bottle started leaking 6 months after I bought it but it wasn't bad enough to warrant too much worry. Unfortunately another few months later the leak got worse so I contacted contigo (for their "lifetime guarantee " ) and was told to take it back to the place of purchase.......given I bought it for less than $100, and I was expecting quality, I didn't think to keep the receipt so it is about to go into the bin !! Very disappointed in contigo Australia and their lack of customer service and support !

    By Linksmommy

    I've had two of these bottles and the same problem with both. After one month of use the rubber ring that seals the lid, the gasket, drops out of the lid. I hand wash the bottle and I do not aggressively clean that area. I've tried to place the gasket back inside the lid but it pops out. If you use the LIMITED lifetime guarantee Contigo will only replace the lid and ship it to you at your cost. As I mentioned, the problem has happened with two different bottles after a short-time. Try CamelBak!

    By Red Monkey

    Getting a cooling face wash when you open the mouthpiece is one thing but getting that while driving is just plain dangerous ! , the manufacturer admits the problem by suggesting opening the top a quarter of a turn to relieve the pressure before drinking hmmm talk about distracted driving ?
    Product was great for use around the pool at first but soon became a nuisance .
    Needs redesign or scraping

    By Contigo4Life

    You people don't know a good water bottle if you don't like this product. I hate you all and hope you have terrible days if you dislike this product.

    By Momof3

    I purchased this bottle because I loved that it has the ounces on the side so I can track my water intake and the straw feature I thought was cool. However, this thing constantly shoots water out at me and leaks through the button that opens the straw. I thought for the money it would be great, but I hate it now.

    By Dkdomer

    Same as everyone else has said; too much suction so drinking through the straw is difficult and if you remove the straw it whistles any time you take a drink. I love all my Contigo coffee mugs. Sadly this is not of the same quality. Contigo should be embarrassed to have their name on such an awful product.

    By MathScienceTeacher4

    I have had three students with these bottles have their flavored water explode when they open it. It hits the ceiling, floor, tops of kids hair, and all over tables and the floor. Have you had any reports of this happening? The kids are saying it even explodes into their mouths. We are curious to know.

    By Kavi

    Have to suck hard to get a few sips of water. This product needs to be improved. Waste of money. Don't buy this bottle(Normal Contigo bottle).

    By pinknuka

    Most of the time I buy Bubba water bottles and I love them to pieces. I thought I would venture out and buy this bottle. I liked the way it opened and the little finger grip on the lid. when I suck through the straw all I get is air. ZERO water makes it into my mouth.
    I pulled off the part of the straw that is detachable and used my finger to plug up the hole. I then sucked which should have been about impossible. However, I got tons of air through. I took it back to the store and exchanged it for a bottle of the same make and model and had the same trouble. Garbage. which is sad because I loved the way the bottle looked and felt.

    By Daniel

    I have had my water bottle for about 4 months now and today it started acting like it wasn't getting any suction at all, I would have to suck really hard to get a few sips of water. I think that this needs to be improved possibly by making the straw not able to come out or a securer fitting for the gasket.

    By Daniel

    I have had my water bottle for about 4 months now and today it started acting like it wasn't getting any suction at all, I would have to suck really hard to get a few sips of water. I think that this needs to be improved possibly by making the straw not able to come out or a securer fitting for the gasket.

    By Katelyn

    I LOVE contigo! I absolutely LOVE this product. I prefer having a water bottle that is at least a liter because I drink a lot of water. However! I do have a couple of gripes. My water bottle never fits into the average cup holder, which is uber annoying, and I can't stand that the smaller water bottles (the 24oz) come in an array of beautiful colors, yet the 32oz comes in 2-3 basic lame colors (black and blue.... -_-). If these could be fixed I would be the happiest person alive.

    Also for those having trouble with "whistling." I had the same problem. 1) Ensure that the valve is not flapped over itself, 2) ensure that the straw is completely in the top and not falling out, and 3) ensure that where the straw enters is straight. Sometimes it gets twisted around after being run through the dishwasher. Then of course 4) make sure that lid is screwed on all the way. I had the biggest problem with whistling and after poking and prodding at it for the longest time I finally figured it out. I have never had a problem with whistling since (and that was MONTHS ago).

    By Donna

    The good thing is the 24 ounce capacity and carry handle. The big issue is using the straw - so much suction required and then a big pop sound when you release. Removed the straw, and just using the sipper, lots of noises. Have to unscrew the top and drink from the bottle. Not a good use of $14.99

    By Kaylee

    While Contigo water bottles advertise that these water bottles are spill-proof, this is very misleading. Not only do these water bottles perspirate more than a fat man in a sweat suit at the gym, but they also seemingly like to build up air pressure while on planes, which leads to an inevitable explosion of water all over fellow-flying passengers in front of you, leading to an overwhelming feeling of impending doom and embarrassment.

    By Tay

    Great capacity, easy flip up spout.

    Cons: It leaks, I've had 3 now and they all leak... The straw peice sometimes falls into the bottle, so you gotta fish it out and reattach it, getting your water dirty... Sometimes there is no air transfer so you're sucking super hard and getting no water... BPB is potentially worse than BPA.

    All in all, Contigo, stop making this bottle. Focus on mastering glass bottles

    By Hydrated

    So the problem with this bottle is that the air intake valve isn't soft enough to easily let the air in without letting the water out. This causes a horrible amount of suction effort through the mouth piece and annoying whistling noise when sucked hard enough to get any liquid out. I just removed the valve so I can at least use it, but it's no longer water tight. Boo Contigo! This never should have made it past your QA department!

    By Joel

    I purchased two of these. I dig the design, the way the mouth piece folds away, the color selection. As far as functionality goes...I have to keep setting the straw back in the lid, I think the ice is knocking it about. When it's full the bottle seems okay, but the lower the water gets the harder you have to suck to get the water out, the valve in the cap simply isn't letting the air in. When you put enough suction on the straw it will whistle. I really think this model should be recalled and I am going to be taking these back to where I got them for a full refund. Choose another model, this one's a dud.

    By Teacher

    I am a teacher and this bottle completely drenched me just before a class. It was sitting on my desk, about half full and when I clicked it open, a LARGE amount of water hi tme in the face, down my (light, of course!) sweater and to my lap. I'm extremely lucky it missed my laptop because it could have done real damage had it hit. I'd estimate at least a 1/4c. water came out. This is not the simple dribble other reviewers have noted. DO NOT BUY THIS BOTTLE.

    By Vernalou

    I have other Contigo bottles and love them, so when I saw this one, I bought it without reading the reviews. It whistles! When I turn it up to get a swallow, it makes noise. What's with that?

    By Steve

    The specifications are wrong. The bottle is 10.75 inches tall, not 9.5" as the product description states.

    By contigono

    I lost my Camelbak so I decided to try this brand. While it's great that it has markings of how much water you're drinking (mL and oz units) and holds a large volume of water without seeming like it, it IS incredibly noisy.

    Other reviews say the sucking/popping noise happens at below 16 oz but mine starts pretty much after 30 oz. I feel don't like drinking this in class because it is so noisy.

    Needless to say, this product does the job and is nicely designed, but I'm going back to Camelbak.

    By Jared

    I bought 2 of these water bottles and BOTH of them winded up failing. It started as an annoying whistling sound. I didn't mind. But out of no where it stopped working. There seems to be holes somewhere in the lid and no water will travel from the straw to the moutbpiece. I've tried multiple things and nothing seems to fix it. Very dissapointed since it happened twice. Used to like contigo products, but not so much anymore

    By Maggie

    I bought one of these and loved it, sadly after a year, I lost mine. After purchasing my second one, I noticed a weird noise of out it shortly after buying it. Then, the seal started popping out, making it hard to use consistently because I have to finagle the seal back on every time I use it. Now, the suction of the mouth piece is shot. I've only had this one for a couple weeks, and it's all but broken. I love the size of the bottle, but when I tried to get a replacement top, they are out of stock. I am annoyed and debating shopping elsewhere from now on for my water bottles.

    By Donald

    I purchased three of the 32 oz. bottles at Target. After a few months of use two of my three lids cracked the rubber suction spout and I get much air when I drink. The part where the straw connects to the lid..

    By D

    If there was a zero star rating, I would have used it. This is the worst water bottle I have used. Water fills straw and spills when you open the lid. This happened after only a few uses. I would not recommend wasting $15!

    By fran

    for the price of this bottle, I am disappointed with product. It may not leak when closed.
    However, I tend to get sprayed when opening top. Bottle takes 3 hands to open.

    By Brittany

    I love this water bottle...except that it's always throwing up on me.
    I've found that if I leave my water bottle in a warm car for a few hours, when I flip open the spout, a flood of water will spill all over the place. Which is great when you're just about to go into a meeting with water all over yourself.

    By Jessica

    After moving to the desert I realized that my water intake was far below where it needed to be. I bought this because even though it holds an entire liter of fluid it is not bulky! Going on 6 months of daily use now and it still works great. I had a little trouble with a leak in the top and Contigo customer service sent me a new top in a matter of days!

    If you try and drink it like a normal bottle it makes funny noises so you have to make sure you keep the bottle oriented north/south. obviously a little tilt doesn't make a difference but if you turn it sideways and try to take a swig it sounds like a dolphin.

    A wonderful product though!

    By Paulapallooza

    This is the third water bottle I have bought in this style from Contigo. I love it. It is comfortable to carry around, small enough to be in your purse, sturdy enough to drop and not crack or break, doesn't leak and is a great little bottle. Only one problem: the silicone top keeps getting tears in it. I wish there was a way to remedy this other than having to get a whole new bottle. If the tears didn't keep happening, I'd give this five stars all the way.

    By Nat

    Love it- my only complaint is that when you push the button to open the straw, it kind of spits water at you, but it does the job.

    By Sum Gai

    When you use the straw, you have to suck this bottle harder than a Dyson to get any water out. If you take the straw out, it makes sounds like a dolphin stuck in a garbage disposal. Not sure what these guys were thinking of when they put an industrial-strength 1-way valve on this thing.

    By Dani

    I love the size of this water bottle, fits lots of water but doesn't seem huge, the straw always falls out! I can't stand it and it will drop on the floor almost everyday while refilling it at the fountains, also if you try to drink it without the lid you sound ridiculous, I used to love this water bottle but I think it broke, I cant even drink it with the straw its just air! I need to get on that lifetime warrenty

    By hate it

    i chose between 10 different bottles i saw. all my bag got wet.

    By myaiach

    I was looking for a replacement for a cheap plastic water bottle with a plastic straw I cut to fit the water bottle myself. It was low quality, but it held a liter, what I need to keep track of my water intake (2 is 64oz. etc.). I went to Walmart, and this was the only one that was even thirty two ounces. that being said, though this was my only choice, it truly w as a great one. The one handed use is very helpful for me and I genuinely enjoy the whole experience. Great Product!

    By Me

    This is my second one after losing the first one and I still love it except for one leaks. Don't trust it in your bag laying in any position but upright. It is a shame cuz it is my only complaint about this bottle and has happened with both.

    By kris

    It was awesome until I put it in dishwasher. I put it on top rack like the bottle says. Now im not sure if because of the heat the top of the bottle is slightly smaller. The lid does not click shut as it did before and is now loose just basically sits on top. Now leaks. Also before this the flip open spout would leak water standing straight up and when you flip top open it would occasionally squirt water out at your face. Was funny first time. Then it leaked all over my table.. annoyed since its the second bottle I've tried.

    By LELA

    i love this bottle! i drink a lot of water so for me this is perfect! gym, work, etc. i wish they would make more COLORS like the smaller bottle! and yes they do have to fix the issue with the straw that it spits the water at you

    By joyce1283

    Love the design but can only take a short sip before vapor lock stops flow and my tongue gets sucked into the straw! I've tried adjusting how far to push the straw in, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Anyone have a tip of is this just a flaw in the engineering?

    By Linda Jayne

    I purchased because it is BPA free and I love the 32 oz size bottle. I did increase my water intake using this product. The problem: when below 16 ounces and stop sucking on the spout, it makes a popping noise and air bubbles come from bottom of straw. It is annoying. Removing the straw does not improve sipping. Will have to return it. Wanted to love it.

    By Habs

    After first use, my lid does not securely close causing content spills.

    By Contigo Fan

    I was sold on Contigo after I received a free AutoSeal Travel Mug with my Keurig. I bought my Contigo AutoSpout water bottle about 3 months ago from Walmart. I bought it specifically because it was 32 oz, tall, narrow enough to fit into my current lunch bag; and because of Contigo's spill-proof claims. I have no issues with the bottle. I've read other reviews about how water spits back through the spout. I only experienced the \spit back\" when I added a little seltzer to still water. I just figured the spit back came from the pressure of carbonated water. "

    By Carrie

    This bottle is the worst! If you leave it sit and closed, the next time you flip up the mouth piece your drink shoots out the top and if you leave the bottle sit with the mouth piece open the liquid eventually makes its way to the top and comes out of the mouth piece while its just sitting there. I thought mine was just defective but my fianc怍's bottle does the same thing. HORRIBLE!!!

    By Caledonia Dreamin

    Sorry I have used other Contigo products and hoped that this one would have performed the same. Straw is horrible and wont stay, I dont have the squirting problem when you open it but it does leak and says guaranteed leak proof which is part of the reason I purchased it. And for some strange reason when I use mine I have a funny aftertaste or bitterness when I take my first sip! Dont know if it is the gel like mouth piece but I get it everytime I use it! Only good thing is the size. Definitely going back! Sorry Contigo I think this one needs to go back to the drawing board!

    By Cheri

    I love the bottle, yes if you tip the bottle it makes a weird whistle noise and there is a chance the bottle can squirt you but that is nothing to give a negative report on. The bottle is fabulous if you want to track your water intake & so easy to carry around w/ the handle or in a bag/backpack for school. Thanks Contigo!

    By Traci

    Not impressed at all. When drinking out of the spout, you cannot help but notice the loud squealing noise coming from the bottle.

    By Fox

    This bottle does NOT fit in car cup holder as advertised. I needed to return the 3 bottles I ordered. The mouthpiece is awkward and the design for the self seal creates a suction after each suck of water. Very disappointed.

    By TVK

    I can only drink from this water bottle when I am by is so noisey!

    By atekam

    This water bottle continuously leaks from the spout. It's so annoying. When it's closed, and then upon opening it, water shoots out of the spout. What a waste of money.

    By Linda

    I have about five of these water bottles, as my daughter needs to drink a lot for a medical condition. 3 of the 5 lids have broken...when you try to return, the online form wont allow you to choose the right item...very frustrating.

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Care & Use

  • Product is NOT designed for hot liquids. Use only with cold liquids.
  • Not for use with carbonated or pulpy beverages.
  • Prior to drinking, make sure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed on completely.
  • Avoid accidental depressing of the AUTOSPOUT® button by keeping the button free and clear  of other objects.
  • DO NOT overfill. Fill liquids to just below the threading in the body.
  • DO NOT microwave or freeze.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.
  • DO NOT continue to use product if damaged.
  • DO NOT carry bottles containing liquiud in bags to help prevent accidental opening.


  • Do not pull or rotate the spout shield as it may cause damage to the lid.
  • Silicone drink spout is NOT removable.
  • When using the water bottle at high altitudes, such as during an airplane flight or when bottle is exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, such as in an enclosed car, twist the lid a quarter turn to relieve pressure, then reseal the lid before use.
  • The AUTOSPOUT® lid that came with your new purchase is designed to only fit your  Contigo® water bottle. Not for use with other products.

        Cleaning instructions

  • Wash thoroughly before first use.
  • RINSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH USE with warm water and spout in the open position. - Remove straw for best results.
  • Lid, plastic body and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • JeffJack_Care_and_Use_pos2.png
  • If washing by hand, soak lid for 10 minutes in hot, soapy water. Hand wash body with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse both lid and body thoroughly before use.
  • For best cleaning result, use a Contigo bottle spout brush,
  • ALWAYS STORE BOTTLE WITH LID REMOVED to allow parts to dry completely.
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